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  1. Good Lordie! Now I have them on separate tracks, but I get no metering on those tracks!
  2. Hi. I've searched, but I'm such a newb to MIDI that I don't even know what to search for. Here's my problem: I'm trying to import some MIDI tracks from that "other" DAW, since I'm switching to the superior Samplitude. But no matter what options I select for the import, I get several problems: This is for the Abbey Road White Drum Kit. 1. I cannot get each drum to go to it's own separate track so I can put FX on them individually. The file may play nicely, but I can't find the channels in the mixer! LOL! 2. When I trigger one event with my MIDI keyboard, say, one hit on the kick drum, it says 7 voices are playing. This is causing skips and crackles in my recording so bad I can't record with anything less than 40ms latency, which is useless for tracking guitars through a software amp. But since it's playing 7 voices, that leads me to believe I've wired it up wrong. 3. When I finally do get separate channels, and find them in the mixer, the first time I touch a fader to make an adjustment, that particular instrument (say, the snare drum) drops out! I get no sound from that point on. I think this stuff may be easy for you guys to figure out, but to me it's just baffling. I've watched a lot of Kraznet's tutorials, and I thought I was doing it right. I've tried all the options: Single track, multi-timbral, mutli-channel/track, etc. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much! -Johntodd
  3. Omics; Interesting idea. Can you throw me a link for more info? Thanks! -Johntodd
  4. Hi! I'm a total newcomer to Samplitude Pro X, so please forgive the simpleness of this question. I'd like to ditch Cubase completely, but one thing I love and need is the Arranger Track that Cubase has. As a composer I find that utility very useful. I don't understand Samplitude enough to know about this. Does Samplitude have an Arranger Track like Cubase does? Maybe it has a different name? How can I do the same thing in Samplitude? Thanks very much for your patience! -Johntodd
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