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  1. Und auch checken, dass die zu importierenden Dateien sowie die Verzeichnisse keine "exotischen" Sonderzeichen haben (Akzente u.ä.), das mag Samplitude nämlich gar nicht.
  2. Klingt gut, viel Spaß damit! Ich habe mir letztes Jahr auch eine Musik-Workstation konfiguriert, ebenfalls mit einem Ryzen Prozessor, sogar eine Nummer kleiner, dem Ryzen 7 3700X. Ich bin ebenfalls sehr zufrieden, das System läuft stabil, schnell und wird (im Gegensatz zu den älteren AMD Prozessoren) praktisch nie richtig warm (und damit laufen auch die Lüfter nur auf Sparflamme). Wenn man sich die Benchmarks anschaut, gibt es keinen rationalen Grund mehr für dieses dauernde "AMD Bashing" bei Audio-Anwenungen. Sogar Steinberg empfiehlt für das aktuelle Cubase Intel i7/i9 oder Ryzen Prozessoren. Nur mal zum Vergleich, von wegen Single Core Performance (und man beachte die Leistungsaufnahme):
  3. I think this is not only limited to Hebrew words: I regularly have problems with file names or folder names that I got from people e.g. from Czech Republic or Serbia where there are lots of "accents" on the characters. Samplitude refuses to import such files or to open or save in such folders. I usually rename them and use "simple" characters instead. But that's of course not very attractive when you would have many files to handle ...
  4. Hi all, today an update of Ozone was released, version 9.1. I installed immediately, but I haven't noticed any improvement over the previous version in terms of the speed at which Ozone opens in Samplitude. Apparently, only a lot of bug fixes have been made.
  5. Hi, if scanning doesn't show you the plugin you have either put the relevant plugin in the wrong folder or you're scanning the wrong folder. Open settings with "Y" and check the "User VST Plugin folder" under Effects-VST. Typically the VST/VST2 lie under C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\ Does your other VSTs work?
  6. I updated yesterday but didn’t notice any significant change. This version still needs at least 10 seconds to open as VST. The standalone version works well.
  7. No, 9.0.2 is actually the version from October 9th (see one of the posts above), it still has the "extremely slow issue". Still waiting for the promised update where this problem shall be solved (as customer support has written to me).
  8. Hi all, I had contacted the iZotope support and have sent them on demand some analytic data from my system. I’ve just received this mail from them: “Thanks so much for that, our developers have identified an issue that can be fixed through an update. This will likely be pushed in the next week or two. I'm sorry for any inconvenience here!” Some days before they’ve written: “Thanks for all of these details, we're closing in on an issue here. It seems to be limited to custom built PCs on the new Windows OS.” This sounds great and so we’ll wait and looking forward to this update
  9. I quickly did another test and installed O9 on another Win 10 PC as a trial. The same problem with Reaper (slow installation of the software, several minutes of initial VST scanning, more than 10 seconds to load a plugin) can be seen here as well. The only difference here is that the standalone version runs (plays) fine. Somehow on my Music PC some "installation leftovers" (in the registry?) seem to interfere with the re-installation.
  10. Thanks for your feedback, really strange and interesting at the same time. I have the same problems as Johnny Blade. O9 behaved weirdly right from the first installation. It’s good that it’s working for you!
  11. Well, I new situation: Still thinking that perhaps my system is the root of the problem I have uninstalled all Ozone versions and all user data as well, also checked that there were no VSTs left in the various folders and started reinstalling. First Ozone 9 - and nothing was better. Even the installation process took at least 3 times as long as the installation of O8. Then the initial scan again several minutes (O8 took perhaps 10 seconds for the whole scan) and opening of any O9 plugin in the DAWs again more than 10 seconds. Then again Ozone 8 to have the comparison: fast installation, fast initial scan, fast opening. Well the weirdest thing was than that I noticed that both standalone versions for O9 and O8 don't "play" anymore! When pressing "play" the "cursor" remains at 0:00 min and nothing can be heard. In the DAW the plugins work fine. I did the whole procedure of uninstalling and reinstalling again, with no better result. So I've written to the support team and will hopefully get some help. @Johnny Blade: Thanks for confirming that this seems to be a general problem. So, we'll wait for a soon update and hopefully also this strange "play error" in the standalone version will be gone as well...
  12. Hi, I'm using Pro X3 and because I had just recently upgraded from Ozone 7 Elements to Ozone 8 Adv, so I was able to enjoy a free update to Ozone 9 Adv. The first thing I noticed in "9" was that the first time scanning of the new VSTs had already taken an unusually long time (several minutes!). When opening Ozone 9 in the mastering section of the mixer I had to wait 15 to 20 seconds until the plugin was open. Ozone 8 opens within 2 seconds. When Ozone 9 was open, I could use everything without any problems so far. Then I asked if it was Samplitude (Pro X3 still has problems with VST3) and did the same in Reaper - the same experience (both when scanning the VSTs for the first time and also later when opening the plugin). I'm going to reinstall version 9 and see if that's the reason, but I can't imagine. Obviously, there are still older Ozone versions on my system (Ozone 7 Elements and 8 Adv.), but this shouldn't be a problem. --- Postscript: There was an update overnight (9.02), so now the standalone version opens as fast as the 8er so far. In both DAWs it still takes so long. Apparently iZotope is still working on it...
  13. I’m already here again, it actually worked! I had to switch the monitoring setting at least to "Hardware Monitoring / Hybrid Engine", then the Blobs and all activities were directly audible.
  14. Hello, I came across this article because yesterday I was a bit more involved with Melodyne as well. I've seen in several tutorials that when you click on the "blobs" you can hear the corresponding sound. I can confirm this, it doesn't seem to work in Sam (here ProX3) either when using Melodyne in the object editor. However, it works in the standalone version of Melodyne! Maybe someone still knows a tip on how to do this within Sam? Thanks!
  15. I just checked my own order conformation that I’ve received via E-mail from Magix. There were these points concerning SpectraLayers: SpectraLayers Pro 4 (PC & MAC) Serial number: P2-xxxxx-xxxxx....... Download the program: http://dl03.magix.net/spectralayerspro4.exe Download for Mac OS: http://dl03.magix.net/spectralayerspro4.dmg Program activation: Start the program. Copy the serial number from this e-mail and paste it into the input field of the work clearance document. So, this is the way you should have gotten your serial number and the download path for SpectraLayers. The serial number on the pic is my original Sam X3 number. I’ve just painted it black, just to be sure that nothing happens with it
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