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  1. Hi Kraznet, Can the BestService Engine be used instead of the bundled Independence Pro? Will it be possible to register IPro libraries within the Engine?
  2. Thanks for your reply! Prior to filing a bug report I decided to look for newer drivers for my Scarlett 6i6. I have installed beta drivers and the problem is gone. Actually, these beta Focusrite drivers work a LOT better, then officially released version (1.8).
  3. Yes, it's there in SMS2016. I recently purchased the program and it seems to work and sound great. BUT, I discovered a bug and need an advice in how to report it. In a nutshell, SMS2016 runs smoothly with my Focusrite Scarlet 6i6, but only @48kHz and 96kHz, while at both 44.1kHz and 88.2kHz I get LOTS of ASIO dropouts and the time-line is populated with error markers. I can shoot a video, just not sure how to submit this bug description to the Magix developers. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. Thanks, mathias! No need to discover hidden functions in SMS 2015. Take manager is implemented in SMS 2016. I'd love to buy it, but it doesn't work properly with my PC. I'll give it another shot after system upgrade. Really hope everything will work smoothly.
  5. Greetings! I write music and would like to record it at my home studio. Looking for a DAW to do the job. Magix Samplitude Music Studio appears to be what I need, BUT only if it has some take editor, so I could construct a perfect take from multiple takes. I've tried demos of Magix SMS 2014 and 2015. The help file clearly claims there must be a take manager, but I couldn't find it in the interface. Is it there at all, or the help file is just being misleading?
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