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  1. Anyone know if this is still the case - no way to assign a monophonic track's output to a single mono destination output, in either Samplitude Pro x or Sequoia 13? - Richard
  2. Hi Jashar, That seems like a workable solution. I have that plugin and will give it a try. Thanks for posting. rjuly
  3. Thanks for your responses. I find it odd as well, especially as SAMllitude and Sequoia are so well designed and professional in their philosophy. Nonetheless, it is a simple enough wokflow shift, and I can certainly accomplish the things I want to with the freeze function. I would be curious to know if it is a technical limitation of the DAW's architecture.
  4. There are only two ways to route audio - subgroup and aux send, correct? Is it possible to record any audio internally in real time - by bussing or routing it to another track?
  5. This may be a very obvious answer but... Is it possible to route signals to a subgroup track and record them on that channel?
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