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  1. John, you mention Prism Orpheus. I assume you have done your research. How does Orpheus compare to Lavry Blue converters? Thanks
  2. Thanks Phil, I will check it out and see what I can do. I've kind of seen Drumagog and will see what Drum Replacer can do. Have you used Drum Replacer? Thanks Smiley
  3. I freeze FXpansion drum tracks to my VIP but want to convert them to Midi. How can I do this? Does it take different software or tools?
  4. Frank, I got it to work once with the VST Stereo BFD which records everything to one track. I like to record my drums to individual tracks or multiple tracks so I can add effects to the drums. Makes the songs sound better I think. So I usually use the Rewire BFD All and set it to use multiple tracks. Can't figure out why I got the Stereo to work once and now it straight lines. I'm trying to add the VIP as per Derm but it is not attaching. I browse to my file and open it into the File Attachments window. I then click Add This Attachment. Is this the process? When I do this it acts like it is writing the file somewhere. Help!
  5. Went back to V8 and it works fine with the process I always use. Hummmmmmmmm! Any more suggestions with V9.1?
  6. I've tried it with the new VST Manager function and it still is not registering anything in the track. Just straight lines. I still have V8 loaded and will go back and try it with V8. I usually use the BFD Rewire, but have tried the BFD VST and neither work. Maybe I still don't have something set right with the new V9.1??? Can someone else with BFD try?
  7. OK, so for a year I have been using FXpansion BFD drums and Freezing them to the track. I upgraded to 9.1 last Thursday and tonight is the first time I have tried to Freeze BFD. The same procedure I used before is now giving me straight lines on the track. No drums. Is there something different that needs to be done in 9.1?
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