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  1. No guess? Ok, the drumset had been a Yamaha YD (made in Indonesia), that's avaiable in used condition for 200 to 400 Euro. (New about 800). Tomhads were old Remo Pinstripes and an Emperor on the Snare. Microphones were Audix 2 x ADX 51 for overheads (ORTF) i5 Snare Top i3 Snare Bottom 2 x D2 for Toms 1 x D4 for Floortom An OM2 had been used for Guitar, the bass had been recorded via DI Out. Recording Interface had been a Soundcraft UI 24 R. (I also have an SPL Goldmike MK II and an RME Octamic MK2 which is connected with an MAudio Project Link, but I used the Soundcraft). Also my Ludwig Super Classic stayed at home. Recording Place was a rehearsal room above a music club in Dresden.
  2. Good evening! Please comment the attached song (You are funky, played live by Funktrio Antonov) And after listening please give a suggestion about the drums - how much did the shell set cost? The cymbals are Zildjians - a 69s 14" HiHat, a 70s 20" crashride, a 16" A-Custom Medium Crash, an 18" Z-Custom Medium Crash and finally a sultan 16" china. After some replies, I'll give you information about the recording setup (Microphones, Interface). Everything had been recorded live on harddisc, everething else happend in samplitude. Cheers tidi Antonov_-_You_are_funky_-_Take_02_-_cleaned.mp3
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