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  1. Hi rbhan. Yes you can change this value by typing in the pitch bend up/down fields you want. So +12 or -12 for an octave. I managed to find this out with sighted help after getting them to watch the posted video. I'm not sure if you can save this change as a default though, maybe it's on a patch by patch basis? Best Steve.
  2. Hi Mike and thanks a lot for the link. I was initially puzzled with the title of this vid, but guessed Independence was being used. Unfortunately, this is no good, as I'm actually blind and there's no talking/instruction of what's going on :). I'm the developer of samplitude Access: www.samplitudeaccess.org.uk which is an access solution for the visually impaired. I do give some support to Independence and I've been asked if I could make the pitch bend range control accessible, but of course, I have to find out how you do it first in order to make it accessible. Is there any chance you could write down what's happening in the vid in regards to changing the pitchbend range?...e.g. in which tab is the control etc, it would really be appreciated. If not I totally understand and will try to get someone with sight to take a look at this vid. Thanks again. best steve.
  3. Hi. Is it possible to change the pitchbend range in Independence? Currently if there is, I can't locate it. Thanks for any help. Best Steve.
  4. Hi mathieujm and many thanks. At least I now know why they're not showing :).
  5. Hi. A basic question if someone could help the blind/visually impaired users of Samplitude. There are options like "snap active" and "auto crossfade" available in the menus. Keys can be assigned, but up until now I haven't got anyone sighted to confirm to me that these controls are also on screen, they say they are not there. So, toggling these controls is difficult, as you don't know they're on/off unless you go into a menu, hence making any assigned key redundant. Could anyone help and let me know if these controls are visible in the screenshot I'm uploading, which is of a blank template we use as visually impaired users. I have heard mention of these controls in quite a few videos, so I thought I'd post to try and clear this up once and for all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. All I need to know is if the snap and auto crossfade controls are visible in the screenshot and where they are roughly. If they are not present, then can anyone explain why? THX Steve.
  6. Thanks very much mathieujm, really appreciate the information. Best steve.
  7. Hi. In Samplitude's help it says: /By clicking the T key, a selected object is split into two objects at the play cursor. To undo object splitting at a later stage, move the objects together and select "Heal/Unsplit Object" under "Object" > "Edit". As a blind user and the developer of the access solution, I'm wondering if sighted users select the object prior to splitting?, as it's possible to split when the object is unselected. This has been brought to my attention, as the solution is expecting a user to select an object first, but I'm told this is wrong. So, does samplitude allow for both ways? and if so what are the reasons behind it? Thanks for any info. Best steve.
  8. Lukas!!!, man that's just a class track...great stuff my friend!!!
  9. Hi. Currently when in the plugin/plarameter dialogs, there is no keyboard shortcut support for the menu items. Is this something Magix can look at please, as being able to press a keystroke to toggle these dialogs would be a great ddition. Also, there are other options in the menus which would benefit from shortcuts keys. E.g, the ability to randomize a plugs parameters. Finding it in the menu each time is very inefficient. Many thanks steve.
  10. Hi, just wanted to let Magix and any interested user know that the Samplitude Access scripts are now available. This takes access to Samplitude ProX3 to another level. With a dedicated installer and a host of new featrues, improvements and workflow options, it makes pro recording totally accessible to the blind/visually impaired user. For more information, visit: www.samplitudeaccess.org.uk Best steve.
  11. Hi. I've highlighted 2 issues with the latest build of Samplitude X3 and accessibility. Firstly, and this has been reproduced by Kraznet, is that the keystroke to unhide all tracks, does not unhide the master track anymore. Secondly, when removing a range with the Samplitude keystroke, the length and end fields are still readable by Jaws. Only moving out and back into Samplitude will refresh these fields. So, even though visually the length and end fields are empty, to the screenreader they are still there. This is probably down to some non standard window refresh possibly? Acknowledgement of these issues and ptential fixes would be greatly appreciated. THX Steve.
  12. Thanks for this post Tom, just read it. I think someone has to document what solution has what access to samplitude. is it minimal access? or is it extensive? Also, it has to be with a screenreader that accommodates the majority of users. I have not been aware of any other solution apart from what Manfred had done, but this isn't at all anywhere near to what Samplitude Access offers. Samplitude Access gives around 95% full access to Samplitude, how much access does these other solutions give? It's something I don't know. Best steve.
  13. Can't follow some of these posts guys as they're in German, but just to let you know, I've found that "record exclusive" also unarms all other tracks wile only arming the track you're on. I've written some code into the samplitude Access scripts that does this and then turns off that 1 track, hence unarming all tracks. HTH. Steve. www.samplitudeaccess.org.uk
  14. Hi Patrick, yes Tom is aware of this, but I gather he must be very busy with other work, as he hasn't had time to look at it yet. So, thought someone else at Magix could perhaps look at it, but doesn't seem as if anyone has picked up on the post. Steve.
  15. Hi. I'm posting here, as Tom W is very very busy with work at the moment, and a solution is really needed to sort out this issue. In Samplitude, we have a number of accessibility flags we can set in the INZ file, in order to increase the access, natively and with the samplitudeAccess scripts. In the Sam_X64.ini file, if we set OptomizeForVisuallyImpaired to -1, then that means all flags are on and working. If we add up all hex numbers and convert to decimal, then it comes to 7143, so if we use this number, then all flags should be on. The issue is, we are unable to move up and down any manager list if set to 7143, but we can when set to -1. The reason I need to use the number instead of -1, is so I can turn off the flags for always opening in the parameter view and so that I can use the spacebar for playback, instead of shift+spacebar. Setting the OptomizeForVisuallyImpaired to 7129 achieves this, but as stated above, it is not possible to move up or down a managers list without setting the value to -1. So, could someone at Magix please help in sorting this out, as there is definitely something weird going on. I am waiting to release the next set of SamplitudeAccess scripts, but can't until this is looked at. THX Steve.
  16. Mathias, just revisited this post. Thanks for the alt shift click method of unarming all tracks, will try that out today
  17. Patrick, I understand it from a braille point of view and appreciate that you don't use this symbol when naming your tracks. The thing is, an accessibility solution should be built on "access" and not on personal likes or dislikes. Now, I'm prepared to leave it with Tom to decide what to do, as I write the code for the Samplitude scripts and you and others use braille, so it's up to him to make the decision and decide what direction we go in with Samplitude's accessibility. I'm pretty sure it's going to be 1 thing or the other, as it's impossible for him to accommodate everyones wishes. I'll respect whatever he decides to do :).
  18. Hi Patrick and Tom. The reason I wanted the change was simply because the "+" can often be used in a track name for example. So, a user could put "track1: Tom+Patrick Vox" or "track 1: violin+cello combo". As you know Tom, the scripts I've written will benefit greatly from being able to search for this indicator, making track/folder selection reliable and very fast. So, the indicator is there to not only give the information to a braille user, but also for the script code to work more efficiently....and we don't want to search for indicators that could be used/inputted by a user. If a user put the "+" sign into a track name at the moment, the scripts could find that indicator, even though it is not the selected track. Hope you understand. I originally suggested the "+" indicator, which I later realised could be used in the ways outline above. Steve.
  19. Hi, we have a global unsolo, a gloabal unmute, but no global unarm. If a track is armed for recording and you forget to unarm it, it can cause big problems when recording other tracks. For a blind or visually impaired user, this is incredibly frustrating, so a "global unarm" button would solve this, as it could be executed to make sure all tracks are unarmed before recording another track. I also think this would help all users, sighted or not, as you can easily unarm tracks without having to scroll a large project to check. THX Steve.
  20. Tom, for me, yes that's correct. I've asked other users to report back or to post here. BTW, is there a way to disable this driver anywhere, as it is wrapping the drivers in other programs like Sound Forge etc. It's working like AsioForAll. Just asking, as many users won't even need it. THX steve.
  21. Tom, it's been pointed out...and I didn't think of this at time of posting, but adding this to the .inz wouldn't help, as the user would still have to access the system options in order to load the .inz file! They wouldn't be able to do this, because the Magix low latency driver would be active, so it's the same situation. Steve.
  22. Thanks Tom. So, is this something I can do here? or is it something that needs to be done by Magix? I know we can save the audio/midi information into the .inz file, but if I did that, wouldn't that save my specific audio? What would happen if another user then loaded that on their machine? If I can do it, I will do it, just let me know. THX steve.
  23. Hi, a lot of screenreader users are experiencing a pretty big issue when opening Samplitude X3. in many cases the Magix low latency driver is selected by default, so when the program is open, it takes over the screenreaders output, hence stopping the speech. Of course, this stops the user from navigating to the system options in order to select another mode/driver, e.g, Asio/WDM. Also, another issue is that the low latency driver seems to become the default in other DAW's like Sonar, if the user has this already installed. Is there a way to make another driver mode the default on start up? I never experienced this in X2, as MME always seemed to be the start up mode. THX Steve.
  24. Yes, being able to use the actual plugin to demo a midi file is needed, not the built in Wavetable or something. Sonar 8 did this as well.
  25. Hi Tom. No, not to replace the "+" in a name, but the "+" we currently have indicating a track. So, at the moment: +1 S:Track name. change to: ~1 S: Track name. Regarding folder tracks: |Folder name. Also, would it be possible to extend this to the rest of the possibilities: For example: ^Revolver track name. {AuxTrack name. }Sub mix track name. [surround track name Then, the scripts will be able to identify each track and announce what type of track it is very easily. Plus it will be very very fast. If you need to discuss this further, please get in touch. many thanks for all your hard work Steve.
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