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  1. Hi, in the new Accessibility.inz file, we now have a "+" symbol that indicates the selected track, which works very well when scripting tracking of the selected track etc, but due to the possibility that someone could type this symbol into the name of a track or project name for example (voice+choir), is it possible to replace it with some other character? Also, This symbol does not appear next to a folder, which breaks this method of knowing what's selected....could we please have this symbol indicating folders as well please? THX
  2. Hi, it would be nice to be able to demo any midi files in the file browser, the same way you can audio. E.g, if you're putting a drum track together, being able to hear the pattern played by the loaded plug is really essential...rather than importing/inserting it first to demo. THX Steve.
  3. Just on this particular issue. Currently, we are manually editing template files in the Camo skin...will this still be needed in any future fix, or can this be incorporated into a new build somehow? Lastly, just to confirm, is the registry fix for the use of Magix Corpid font that was done for samplitude ProX2 still needed for X3? or is it now built in the program? I am now starting work on an installer and need to know what steps we need to do. THX Steve.
  4. THX Tom, that's great to hear. Thanks for setting up the new forum for accessibility...hopefully it will make life easier for you to organise Steve.
  5. Hi, just thought I'd post the first bug on the forum, even though Tom is aware of it . In Samplitude ProX3 we're having to modify a number of template files that use the Magix Corpid font, which is read incorrectly by Jaws. It seems as if the same issue is still persisting with some menus, e.g, EQ116 and quantize, but I'm unable to find a template that would effect this behaviour, in order to modify it. So, if Magix can nail this one, we will be in a really good place with ProX3, as the scripts now are working like a dream. THX Steve.
  6. Hi, does Samplitude have the ability to move to the next/previous transient? THX Steve.
  7. Hi, 2 questions: Firstly, where do I change the Q value for a midi track? I turn it on/off in the track Editor/Midi, but don't know where to set the value. Secondly, in the Midi Editor with step input on, I can use the Pc keyboard to enter notes, but I don't know how to input sharps and flats. In the help, it only mentions keys CDEFGABC and control+up/down for the octave. Any help would be greatly appreciated, THX
  8. Thanks Matt, sorry I didn't know there was a beta forum, but I'll go and look for it now, Steve.
  9. Hi Lindsey. yeah I know...and the scripts I've done make Sam ProX2 fully accessible, but they just do not reply back to me. I'm in the UK, but I guess I'll have to ring tech support in Germany next week, otherwise it will just be left hanging. THX anyway for the reply, Steve.
  10. Just adding to this, does anyone know if Magix have started using QT in the latest update? If so, I have found out that there is a known issue with character translation to a screenreader, so just wondering if there's a connection? I think kraznet mentioned it to me a while ago. THX Steve.
  11. Hi, briefly some background. I'm a blind/visually impaired user of Sam ProX2, who uses a screenreader and I've spent the last 10 months developing scripts to make it fully accessible for this community. This has brought up many challenges, but virtually all of them have been overcome. The scripts are now 99% done, apart from some minor issues, but the big problem is, one particular/major issue. I worked in V13.1.3.176, the prior version available, because when the latest update came out, which is V13.2.0.205, something got broke with particular text and how my screenreader reads it. For example in the VIP, a track named abcde, would be announced as áíìóõ by my screenreader. These are Unicode characters. So, what happened between V176 and V205? I've been trying to find out from tech support without any luck. I've sent them screencast demonstrations, but I just never get a reply. I'm not expecting them to go ahead and fix things straight away, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement. Does anyone else have any idea what I can do?, as I've spent nearly a year coding up these scripts and if this current problem stays, it's been a waste of time, as I really want scripts to work with the latest version. For anyone interested, below are 2 links to my DB...the first one a demo of things in V176 and the second a demo of what's happening in V205, the latest version. Any help, advice on how to move this forward or if there's any other contact/tech support available, I'd appreciate the information. THX Steve. Link 1 V176 (things OK): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14684704/Demo1V13.1.3.176.avi Link 2 (things broken): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14684704/Demo2V13.2.0.205.avi
  12. Hi Kraznet, not sure if you've tried to get in touch yet, but just wanted to post my e mail for when you have time, it's: steve@vipaudioaccess.com THX.
  13. Hi kraznet and thanks so much. Sorry about your dad, you're absolutely right, it's a disability that can isolate and frustrate immensely, hence why empowering my community to have equal access is so important. I look forward to hearing and speaking to you soon, best steve.
  14. Hi Kraznet and thanks for the reply and info. To be clear, I wasn't meaning the nudge event left or right feature, but simply move to next/previous event. In the Midi Editor, alt+P toggles audible playing of notes as you left or right arrow and this selects the event, making it available for editing. This method skips over CC for example, so the only way to edit the CC would be to select it in the event list with a mouse click. To give you mor info, myself and a friend have been working on an access solution for Sam ProX2 for the past 4 months via specific screenreader script and we have made great strides forward. The problems arise from getting the necessary information to how things work and what is and isn't possible, so we can build the design around that. Tech support is hit and miss and many times I'm not getting a reply. Pro X2 is amazing with it's VIP built in support, but it does need a lot of additional scripting. So, to my point, I'm trying to find out if the current behaviour is correct or if it is possible to move to a "non note off/off" message with the arrow keys. BTW, your tutorial vids are excellent and some of the best, direct I've come across, however, it's frustratingly difficult to translate some actions you do when you can't see what's going on on screen. You are absolutely the guy who knows his stuff about Sam, if you would consider any off board or direct contact in order to offer any advice/knowledge for this very big project for the blind and visually impaired cummunity, it would be really really appreciated, but, of course understood if not (e-mail, steve@vipaudioaccess.com). Support from the tech guys is sometimes as frustrating, simply because they have an amazing product that make some other DAWs look like babies. THX Steve
  15. Hi, I'm using the latest build of Samplitude ProX2. In the Midi Editor, "left/right" arrows are supposed to move to the next and previous event. However, these keys only move to notes and they skip over any midi CC etc. I'm a visually impaired user and want to be able to move to any event with the keys, so edits can be made. Also, is there a way to filter specific data and what you're working with? In the Event List, the 4 available options don't seem to make any difference when enabled here, but I am only testing with note on and controller Ch messages, these 4 options are all set to "=". Just need to try and understand how all of this works, as the Sam help is explained in a very visual way, but the keyboard support is amazing...so it's difficult to get a handle on. Any help or step by step instructions would be much appreciated, Steve.
  16. Hi james, yes I'll try the VST editor, but what I want is to be able to control tab from VIP to a VSt's GUI. I could do this in Sonar and in Reaper you can have a VST in its own dedicated window. So, it's so I can work in the VIP and then switch to the VST's GUI without having to close and reopen it all the time, THX
  17. Hi southpolewind and thanks for the reply. I can't find anything relating to keeping windows open, but a little more info may help. When opening, lets say Omnisphere, it opens by default in the parameter view and not in the plugs UI. You can change this of course in the dropdown, but again I can't find how to change this. I'll take another look around tomorrow, but I feel as if I'm missing something really simple? THX.
  18. Hi, I'm a newby to Samplitude ProX2 and I hope to learn all about this amazing DAW with the help from you guys on this forum. Anyway, I'm coming from Sonar 8.5 for a very good reason, which I can explain at a later date, but to cut to the chase, I'm using a customized .inz file, as I'm visually impaired and need to utilize many of the shortcut keystrokes. I'm working with a colleague and we're currently in the middle of creating a comprehensive access solution to make Samplitude Pro X2 a viable solution for all VIP users. My first question is regarding the native GUI of a VST...is there a way to keep both the VST's GUI open and the VIP UI?, so you can move from window to window? At the moment, I'm only able to open a VST's GUI and then close it again in order to go back to the VIP window. How do others work in this kind of situation, where you need to be switching from 1 UI to another a lot. THX for any help, Steve.
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