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  1. Thanks all, it's likely (hopefully) getting signed soon, have a couple labels interested and I've done 34 revisions (mostly technical) since that version so fingers crossed.
  2. Thank you both! FXPansion Strobe 2 for the main lead All other synth sounds were Spire Synth. Minus some saturation and vocal compression all other FX, delay, EQ, Reverb, Compression, Filtering was done with Samplitudes own in built FX.
  3. Let me know what you guys think https://soundcloud.com/coxys/coxys-feel-it-original-mix/s-L8fM8 All done inside of Samplitude of course. Cheers
  4. Rough print but hope you enjoy it. Would love some feedback. My last one got signed! https://soundcloud.com/coxys/coxys-aziza/s-8hRZh All Samplitude & all software of course. But just two Synths, Strobe2 and Spire for all melody and bass. Thanks
  5. Hi guys Track I'm working on, wanted to fuse elements from Trance, progressive, deep house and electro/synthwave. What's your thoughts? Cheers https://soundcloud.com/coxys/echo/s-8kMDi Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys Me and a colleague of mine have invested in some space, treatment and gear to set up a dedicated mixing and mastering business. He's qualified audio engineer and has been building his studio outboard for a number of years whilst I've helped finance some other pieces of gear amongst other things. You can check us out at www.maroxaudio.co.uk and social links currently at twitter.com/maroxaudio and soundcloud.com/maroxaudio Point to note is we're happy to do a few mixes and masters for anyone here free of charge, don't worry if you feel your work is not "worth it" - we're both hungry for something to do at the moment as we work to build our reputation so any work we get even free is appreciated and we'd be happy to help you lift your tracks up a bit with some professional mixing/mastering touches. We specialist mostly in electronic as it's where we've had the majority of teachings and experience but should be able to help out with most genres. If you're interested then drop me a pm or email us at mastering@maroxaudio.co.uk Kind regards. Coxy
  7. Coxy


    Thanks guys, feeling great about your comments All modulation effects, delay, reverb etc are Samplitudes stock. Samplitudes channel EQ on all EQ'd elements. Only third party plugins for masterbuss and sidechain.
  8. Messing around with some Africa tribal vocals, End result, 1 days work with a couple tweaks due. Let me know what you think. https://soundcloud.com/coxys/pergola-original-mix/s-EAALM Hope you enjoy it
  9. Hello Terry, My terminology is probably wrong from a technical or traditional standpoint but what I mean is all tracks have been set to mono on samplitudes track mixer, dead center straight down the middle (right click pan button and move dial for stereo to the left or click MONO) this limits the synths stereo spread & width and L/R panning tricks which most synths and presets make heavy use of especially when you add the synths FX like delay etc. I produced the whole track like that, layering and such then at mixdown allowing some aspects to pan out and make more use of the stereo field, yes some M/S processing for some tracks but also some L/R ping pong delay (Ecox) as well as Veriverb with width set to 100% All the while keeping some tracks dead center. At mixdown, panning and stereo spread becomes creative rather than technical and allows a really nice contrast between dead center elements, stereo elements and dead center elements with stereo type effects (like the variverb with 100% width)
  10. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback.
  11. Background: https://soundcloud.com/coxys/ares-of-flight The track so far has taken me about 6 hours over 2 days. TO DO list: Minor adjustment of levels in break down Smooth out the outro so ends less abruptly. From now on I will only produce in mono and save stereo as a creative process at mixdown stage and beyond. Let me know what you think overall. Cheers
  12. Hello guys, This is a sampler of a track I'm currently working on in Samplitude. Could you let me know what you think. It's very in keeping with current trend of deep progressive trance, as perfected by the Artist GRUM recently. https://soundcloud.com/coxys/7a-1/s-8NKr7 Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks Kraznet,, Utilising KH120's here and love them so can't help feeling a bit of Neumann envy of you and your 810 SUB Yes all ITB, a couple of third party synths, Strobe 2 main lead and bases and Serum for initial build synths however ALL effects, compression, EQ, mixdown and mastering was done with Samplitudes internal stuff. Big favourites of mine are Variverb, Ecox and Tremelopan, with Am-track being an excellent utility/character compressor in heavy use on this track.
  14. Thank you. Pop trivia, I used a sample of my own heartbeat in the track - you can hear it coming in at around 3:25
  15. Hi Terry Thanks for the comments I had to make the link private as it's had some initial interest from a label and they wanted exlusivity, I just need to make a few changes to it before it goes to the mastering house. You can still listen via private link here... I trust you guys https://soundcloud.com/coxys/voltanza/s-tyrxC
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