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  1. As you know, the distance from B to C is 13 half-steps. Universally it is known that "13" is an unlucky number, and so, as luck would have it, the A and A# got lopped off. That is the only reason I can imagine for it, but perhaps someone else has more information. Terry
  2. I totally agree. Their forum software is being overly cautions considering we need to have an account and login as it is. They could easily catch a bot in the logs and kick it out. Terry
  3. Nice! Thanks for the review! Terry
  4. The little file, MAGIX Independence Pro Plus Suite, is the DLL. The big one is the library. Do you see this? INDEPENDENCE MAGIX Independence Pro Standard (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Standard for Windows | Filesize: 295 MB MAGIX Independence Pro Standard (Mac) | Download Version: Pro Standard for Mac | Filesize: 404 MB MAGIX Independence Pro Plus Suite (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Plus Suite for Windows | Filesize: 42.7 MB MAGIX Independence Pro Plus Suite (Mac) | Download Version: Pro Plus Suite for Mac | Filesize: 24.4 MB
  5. Is this the link you are using to log in for your user account? The old one was deprecated. https://www.magix.com/us/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Terry
  6. This underscores once again why I love working with Samplitude. This is a great feature - truly great. Terry
  7. The Independence mapping tools are very powerful, and work by drag and drop of the files. Read up on the mapping screens and see if it makes sense to you. Check back here with any questions that may arise - there are a few folks around here who have delved into that part of Independence. Terry
  8. Correct. That requires a separate license for Independence Pro to use it with other DAWs. Terry
  9. JayBob's warnings not to write anything at all to the original drive where the deleted files are is accurate. For background, when you delete a file, it is not actually erased yet - the first initial of the file name is changed to an underscore, and the file space is marked as writable, but it is not written over yet. If you attempt to recover to the same drive, the possibility exists that you will write over other deleted (or "marked as writable drive space") items that you will want to restore as well. Terry
  10. Well, Johnny, I'll forgive you for one. :-) Terry
  11. The MIDI standard handles that based upon what is being sent by your controller. The most demanding pianists get perfectly acceptable results without "adjusting" anything other than the controller's sensitivity curves. What controller are you using? Terry
  12. Check in the System Settings what your default playback device is set to. This turned into a "gotcha" for me a few weeks ago when I'd set it up to default to "Phones" and had forgotten I had done so! When that is pointing to the wrong place, you need to manually change each track to point to an audible output. What most do is create a "Master" track (or in my case, a "Pre-Master" track where my plugins reside before the master track) and make sure that one sends to an audible output, and then bus everything to that track. Terry
  13. Are you using version 3.5 or 3.6? I had that problem with 3.6. It tells you at the bottom of the preferences tab what version it is. Terry
  14. Download it from the Magix Service Center. https://www.magix.com/us/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Terry
  15. This is the Independence section (a sampler that comes with many versions of Samplitude) - try the one at the top for this question if you want people to see it. Samplitude Software related topics (English) Terry
  16. Yes, but put them back into the location Samp expects to find them in when you do a re-install. Terry
  17. \Documents\MAGIX Downloads\Installationsmanager is where mine were put for Pro X3. \Documents\MAGIX Downloads\ProX4SuiteInstallationManager is where Pro X4 was placed. Terry
  18. As I mentioned in the replica of this thread elsewhere, when I tried installing the 3.6 version shared here this started happening to me. Reverting to the 3.5 version (that is in my downloads area, though I believe the downloads area states it is 3.3 - it is not, it is 3.5), well, that fixed everything. Terry
  19. I am not certain these will work for everyone, but as I just made these I thought I would share. These are for the Independence Strings. If you use Vienna Ensemble Pro Server, these may speed up your setting up to access the Independence items resident on a slave machine. Each variation is in its own MIDI channel, and I'm using Shorts and Longs as busses to bring into your DAW. Requires Independence Pro license. Terry ID All Strings.vep64 IND Bassi.vep64 IND Celli.vep64 ID Hollywood Strings + Mic Modelers.vep64 IND Strings Mic Modelers.vep64 IND Violas.vep64 IND Violins.vep64
  20. "An error message," eh? ;-) Write it down next time (as you know to do now!) :-D It might be the WAV file is in a sample rate that is not the same as the project sample rate. In that case, converting the WAV to the correct sample rate and dropping that version into place might fix things up. Let us know! And welcome to the forum! Terry
  21. See this post I just added here to this section:
  22. Kraznet included the "official library downloader" file independence_prolibrary_dlm.exe and also a link to his dropbox stash of the full library in this thread. His video on entering the library path in Preferences is also there. Terry
  23. Kraznet included the "official downloader" file independence_prolibrary_dlm.exe and also a link to his dropbox stash of the full library installer in this thread. Terry
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