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  1. I did not get the error as you did... Though after installing on the PC I did a search it said their was no program by the name of Vegas.. I restarted the PC.. Then proceeded to click on the installer once more... The Installation was not complete though after clicking on the installer once more it quickly finished the installation.. Then the program asked for one to register and for the activation key... After pasting the key and registering Vegas, it was up and running...
  2. I almost did not believe this. I just went for it... downloaded installed vegas pro edit 14, then pasted the serial code and registered, now it is up and running.... I even got a bundle for my niece for Christmas...
  3. Here is a free full DAW by Sounbridge.. Though i think one has to get a new key once a month.... https://soundbridge.io/?nab=1&utm_referrer=https://www.facebook.com/
  4. Cool Sounds... That flanger / phaser really had me going.... The Video is real cool too... Great work..
  5. Techno House dj track... Entire track was made on Samplitude Pro x3 Suite.. Hope you like...
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