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  1. Hey I just tried the VSTi with VST'S in Independence Mixer... It's working... Great to Know! I don'T see a way to save those nice combination as a Preset, Patch or Instrument. The VST's in the mixer don't get saved with the VSTi Patch. Wait!!! But probably save as project !!! Have'nt tried. But the other option is working perfectly... Independence-sampler with VST FX... everything get saved in the patch... VST preset included. Some nice experimentation is coming !
  2. Thanks Terry Yeah... Page 33... is a joke... must have been done for Independence 1.2... Not clear and not right at all... Might work for Mac but not windows. It is the path you mention C:\ProgramData\MAGIX\Independence\VST Plug-Ins and yes better load every plugin one by one in order to find the one that is not compatible... For me all AIR Music technology plugs gives a popup box : ! audio master callback opcode: 35 is not supported during plugin initialization! One nice thing of that VSTi integration would have been that : when a VSTi is loaded, then you still have access to the FX section but NO! Oh well nothing is perfect in this Magix land.
  3. Hi Trying without success, to load VSTi or VST in Independence. I have all the latest install. I'm on win10. Sam pro x3 suite. So far I tried to put a Shortcut of my VSTfolder : Documents - Magix Projects - Independence Users - me - AppData - Local - Magix - Independence Program Files (x86) - Magix - Independence The only thing i see in Independence - VST plugins is REFRESH Thanks for your help! Just found another possible place but Independence crash on startup! C: - ProgramData - Magix - Independence
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