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  1. I think Sonar might live on in some capacity. Creditors will accept any price above zero, so I wouldn't be surprised if somebody purchases it. Perhaps they won't do much with it, apart from keeping the authorization servers going, and fixing whatever existing bugs manifest in the program. Third-party licensing might be messy.. Perhaps an existing DAW will buy it and add the Sonar plugins to their other software lines.
  2. Did you go to magix.com and sign into your account? I signed in, entered serials, then registered on the website. I will download the apps later, but the serials are associated with my account now, so activation should just be a matter of installing and entering my account via the vegas app. If possible, I'd recommend updating to the final version of Vegas 14 edit before doing activation, as it might have fixes for any previous activation issues. If you can't activate, you will need to contact Magix support via your Magix account.
  3. Credit to the guy on personal-view forum for posting this.. Magix apps https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom
  4. There's some dope vids on youtube.. I love the vintage Magix aesthetic.. many clips of sexy German girls dancing
  5. http://bigcatinstruments.blogspot.com is a repository for some free stuff linked from the vi-control forum. performancesamples.com/ <-- definitely get the freebies here.. this Jasper Blunk guy is a prodigy, and made a couple super free strings packs. I'm not sure if somebody has converted them to other formats. Does independence do round-robins? You can use them (and any other non-player kontakt instrument) for 15 minute intervals with Kontakt Player.
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