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  1. Oops, now that was very clever, wasn't it? Thanks for the hint, I've just edited my post.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce you to a few of the female-fronted songs I have composed, arranged and/or produced over the years. During 2019, all of them were released under a project name on SoundCloud. While the 2013 demo was mixed using Samplitude Pro X, the other three songs (or excerpts) were restored using Samplitude tools and (mostly) UAD plug-ins. The 1996 song entry for a stage musical contest was originally produced using Cubase Atari on an Atari Falcon (!) plus an analogue mixing desk. Well, back then, the audio recording and production possibilities for home producers were light years away from what they are now. Hope you enjoy listening to the tracks as much as I do.
  3. Although you stated that the box was un-opened: Could it be that the serial number was used by somebody else before? The number may have been sent to a previous buyer by e-mail, who then went through the activation process online and didn't bother to even open the box. Just a guess, because normally, unused serial numbers should always be accepted.
  4. I did receive the package on DVDs as well, but they didn't include SpectraLayers. It had to be downloaded separately.
  5. I tried about 20 times to get access to this forum by registering here - it was in vain. I didn't get access until one of the support guys signed me up manually while we were talking on the phone. I fully agree that the current registration system is way too buggy/complicated.
  6. Hallo Gerd, bei der erstmaligen Registrierung von Samp wird eine Computer-ID berechnet, die sich u. a. aus der verwendeten Hardware errechnet. Zu dieser Hardware gehört auch die Festplatte, zu der Laufwerk C gehört. Wenn du nun eine neue bzw. andere Festplatte verwendest, gilt die Computer-ID nicht mehr, so dass Samp eine neue Registrierung bzw. einen neuen Freischaltcode anfordert. Du wirst also um eine neue Freischaltung nicht umhin können. Die Lösung für die Zukunft: Den neuen Freischaltcode aufbewahren. Wenn du dann (bspw.) die vorher schon freigeschaltete SSD neu partitionierst, kannst du diesen Freischaltcode erneut einsetzen.
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