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  1. I just tested this with Bazille and Hive and the Spacebar seems to be working fine when the VSTi's are in focus. Even with the option 'Spacebar also works in background' ticked it's still working. I'm not quite sure why it not working for you. Regards Kraznet Try to save the preset with the name containing spacebar like "Synth Pluck" and you will see what I mean. When you'll press spacebar after word "Synth" Samplitude will start playing. It's super weird behavior.
  2. 1) Open settings using 'Y' key. System Options>Playback>> click OFF 'Spacebar also works in background' button. Note that SOME VSTi's tend to take priority over the GUI, and some do not. I also got in the habit of using underscores (_) in ANY file name, and avoid using spaces. 2) NOT possible to drag-n-drop to VSTi windows (as far as I know). Not even possible in Samplitude/Sequoia's native Independence Sampler (that I know of). Yes, the manual is a little clunky and incomplete. Never has been totally up-to-date. I recommend searching on YouTube for Kraznet's Samplitude tutorial videos. They are very well done. If/When you decide to buy Samplitude, then you should join the main forum where you'll find all the veteran users and beta testers. Have fun, and good luck! Greg Thanks for your help, Greg, but I already tried this "Spacebar also works in background" button and it don't work Hopefully Magix will add the feature to send all keyboard buttons to the plugin. No drag-and-drop to the VST/VSTi window is strange, because for me it's absolutely basic function to have.
  3. Anyone? With some plugins and VSTi's, for example, with all u-he stuff, plugin window totally get focus and all the Samplitude shortcuts except Spacebar are not working until I click somewhere in VIP window. For example, when I change some settings in the synth I need to click to the VIP and only after that my record shortcut (R, tried to assign Ctrl+R or Num * - all the same) starting to work. Is it possible to define the focus for the key commands? PS For example, in Cubase, everything working as it should - plugin shortcuts are working as well as DAW shortcuts. In text fields spacebar working as it should. In Reaper there are option for every plugin to send keycommands directly to the plugin or leave it for the DAW. Is it possible to make it in Samplitude? Maybe I miss something in Settings? Or I need to edit .ini file or something like that? How you guys are working with VSTi/VSTs? You always click to the VIP window to make your shortcuts work again?
  4. Hello! I'm interested how you guys previewing long samples/acapellas in File Manager? In Cubase and Reaper, for example, there is preview player where you can see waveform and seek through the long file. In Reaper you can even make a range selection and import just it. In Samplitude I need to listen the file from the start without ability to seek in the middle or so. Am I alone with this necessity? I think it's a good thing for a feature request. Please, share your experiences. PS I often like to chop up long acapellas and grab some parts from different acapellas, so it's very uncomfortable to load all the acapellas to the VIP just to have ability to rewind and fast forward.
  5. Hello guys, I'm new here, running the Samplitude X2 trial and trying to decide if it fits me good. So, I have couple questions: 1. In some VST/VSTi (for example, Spectrasonics Omnisphere) when I type in "Search" preset field inside Omnisphere or trying to save my patch, if I'll hit the spacebar between the words (for ex. "Synth Brass") Samplitude starts to play immediately. It just steals the focus from VSTi, so it recognizes it not as spacebar in the plugin but as play command. So, it make using space bar in the search field impossible. Is it any option to send spacebar in the focused VST/VSTi window instead of starting playback? 2. Is it possible to drag-and-drop samples from VIP to VSTi sampler's window (for ex., Independence)? Is it any modifier keys for that? Can't find it anywhere in the manual. I have a feeling that Samplitude is really great (I'm more than 10 years in Cubase) and I'm seriously considering to buy it, just want to resolve all the shortcomings. Thank you for the help, Igor.
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