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  1. Update, If anyone is interested. I have bought a Mackie Big Knob Studio. It works out of the box in Linux and it is a really fine device . Now I do search via the Internet for informations about how to prepare windows for DAW use and then I make a fresh install for samplitude exclusive.
  2. Hy Dear Forum, i have a little question, does anyone have a Behringer Monitor2USB monitor controller ? I am interested in removing my 19" Interface from my desk and put a little bit smaller way to control the loudness of my speakers on my desk (and even tho, the monitor controller does have 2 headphone amplifiers and a much much bigger knob). I would like to know if you are satisfied with this device and additional if you have this thing if it will run under linux ? I really would like to seperate my DAW production system on windows from my working system on Linux, as I am having a home studio. Most applications I need for work and daily use are available on Linux but Samplitude not and also the driver of my external soundcard does not work on Linux. But I would like to use my monitor speakers on Linux too. kind regards, Markus Behringer Monitor2USB doesn't seem to be on the alsa compatible list, but I often heard behringer devices should be class compliant. I also could use my onboard soundcard, but i did not find a small monitor controller with cinch and XLR/jack input which does have headphone amplifiers as well.
  3. The hints from HHFallback are great, there are tons of ways you may record your guitar and amp. You might also be interested in a silent speaker cab, wich you can hook up to your guitar amp or a loadbox you put between your amp and your cabinet. Or you can do a lot of things with external equipment like A/B switches to do reamping. The problem for me with reamping is that a different sound does create a different feeling when playing the guitar, so I like to hear the amp sound, therefore I need to split my guitar signal in to two paths, one is going into the Interface as DI Signal the other is going into my amp and the amp is recorded via microphone. If I want to tweak my amp sound but I like my playing I change the signal path and use the recorded DI Signal as Input for the amp. You can also do reamping with effects if you have some external effects. Edit: If possible use closed back headphones, so you don't hear the monitor signal on your microphone, but I bet you already know that
  4. Hy Marc, could you explain a little bit more ? Do you want to practise during song playback ? Therefore you could use the loop function. Just drag a region with your mouse in the bar meter and activate the loop function. Or is it more a technical question because you don't hear your lead guitar ? You could explain your setup a bit more (do you produce your guitar sound external or do you want to use an amp simulation plugin?) Next to the record button you have the monitoring button (loudspeaker symbol) kind regards Markus
  5. Hy Christian, Ah super danke ! Ich hatte ganz vergessen, dass ich aus welchem Grund auch immer auf Software/TrackFX Monitoring gestellt hatte. Jetzt sehe ich auch, dass der Output von Vandal hoch genug ist . Ich denke mal das Durchsetzungsvermögen von Vandal gegenüber anderen Spuren werd ich wohl mit Mixing (oder voicing vom Verstärker) und Kompression erhöhen müssen, momentan klingt es noch recht dünn bei Clean. Gruß Markus
  6. Hallo, ich hätte da eine kleine Frage . Zeigt das VU Meter im Track Editor bzw. Mixer bei geladenem Vandal Plugin das Input Signal an (diesen Fall vermute ich), oder wird das Signal nach durchlaufen des Plugins angezeigt ( wenn hier nein, warum nicht) ? Ich habe nämlich Output vom Vandal so hoch gedreht, dass ich Vandal intern ins Clipping komme, das VU Meter im Track Editor zeigt jedoch nur etwa 5-10% zwischen minimal und 0dB an. Generell ist der Output bzw. das klangliche Durchsetzungsvermögen vom Vandal gegenüber den anderen Plugins sehr sehr leise. Liegt hier ein Bedienfehler meinerseits vor ? Schönen Abend und ein angenehmes Wochenende noch.
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