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  1. Hi @Unwritten! Try to use the USB 2.0 interface on USB 2.0 port if possible, some USB 3.0 ports has not always total backward compatibility. Best, Thomas
  2. Hi @resortrecords! For the mastering you should select all songs/stems and then use the "Advanced Export and Track bouncing" instead of batch processing, there you can route the export thru the Master and use the "Bounce all selected objects processing individually" in Vertical / Special Functions. I'm also a Samplitude user but all functions should be available in Sequoia as well. Best, Thomas
  3. ... and even harder days with Windows 95
  4. Ha, @Johnny Blade that brings back old memories Still have the installation CD somewhere .. Fun fact: if you right click on the exe the information says something like Sam4.exe so basicly it's a reskinned Samplitude 4 //Thomas
  5. https://www.magix.com/gb/music/vandal/free-presets/ Beste Grüße Thomas
  6. Yes, just make sure the mono file names ends with _L and _R or _Left and _Right ...
  7. Thanks for the fast response @proaudiosupport! This seems to affect all VST3 plugins (on both Pro X4 & Pro X5, latest builds) that response to CC commands, both the ones that are pre-mapped to CC and the ones you mapped yourself to CC. I can see that the VST3 plugin first loads the parameters correct if the plugin interface loads before all elements of Samplitude have loaded and then all parameters that response to CCs resets to 0 when Samplitude finish loading, preset parameters that's not set to response to CCs does not reset. If Samplitude is already running when opening the VIP it resets with a blink of an eye but if one pay attention one might see when it resets. The free Plouge AlterEgo is a good example to test this with as it has many parameters set to response to CCs and they are also labeled with CC numbers: https://www.plogue.com/products/alter-ego.html Yes, I always use the VST2 versions when I can but sometimes there are no VST2 option as more developers only release VST3 versions nowadays ... I'll try to make a video later ... Best, Thomas
  8. Hi @JoaCHIP & @byxx! I can also comfirm this on both Pro X4 & Pro X5. Works fine is you open the same VIP on Pro X3. This is a Samplitude/Sequoia VST3 issue on Pro X4 & Pro X5, if there is a VST2 version of the VSTi, use that as a workaround ... Tested with Plouge AlterEgo which use CCs for many parameters, all these parameters are reset to 0 on the VST3 version but the VST2 works just fine. Acually I can see when the parameters are reset on the VST3 version, if I start Samplitude and load the VIP from the startup screen it first loads the parameters ok but then resets when some of the program elemts/manager tabs are loading. If I load the VIP when the Samplitude is already running the CCs are reset instantly ... @proaudiosupport is this a known issue? Best, Thomas
  9. Hi @HuggyBear What soundcard & driver are you using? What are your ASIO buffer size settings? You probably need to set a higher ASIO buffer, but keep in mind a higher buffer also gives size a higher latency. Best, Thomas
  10. @proaudiosupport wrote this back in december: In the future please use only proservice@magix.net to contact us, not prosupport@magix.net. Thanks
  11. The Monitor section is a new function introduced with Pro X5, in erlier version the was only the Monitor function in the Mixer available which works fine. Thomas
  12. Ok, I get it, you are absolutely right, it does not work correctly. I was focused on the master routing ... Thomas
  13. Hi @pepe44! What the reason for setting the Master to no output? If read you correct you want the Monitor & Solo on the same outputs? Just send your submix to Master and set it to 1+2 Audio interface physical out, and set the Monitor section input to Stereo Master, output to the same 1+2 Audio interface physical out. The plugins in the Monitor section will be Post Stereo Master so the Master mixdown/rendering will not be affected by the plugin in the Monitor section. Just tested with Sonarworks Reference and it works fine here just as any other plugin, latest Pro X5 build 208. Best, Thomas
  14. Great, thanks for sharing Tom! Only watched a bit of the first part yet, looking forward to watch all three parts later tonight ... Peace Thomas
  15. Hi @romatix! That might be the case as v11 seem to have some major changes, v11 don't work in Waves own StudioRack either ... Try to roll back to v10, this might be of help: https://www.waves.com/support/roll-back-to-v10-plugins-for-soundgrid-v9-apps I'm still on Waves v10 as v11 don't work the StudioRack. Best, Thomas
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