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  1. The Monitor section is a new function introduced with Pro X5, in erlier version the was only the Monitor function in the Mixer available which works fine. Thomas
  2. Ok, I get it, you are absolutely right, it does not work correctly. I was focused on the master routing ... Thomas
  3. Hi @pepe44! What the reason for setting the Master to no output? If read you correct you want the Monitor & Solo on the same outputs? Just send your submix to Master and set it to 1+2 Audio interface physical out, and set the Monitor section input to Stereo Master, output to the same 1+2 Audio interface physical out. The plugins in the Monitor section will be Post Stereo Master so the Master mixdown/rendering will not be affected by the plugin in the Monitor section. Just tested with Sonarworks Reference and it works fine here just as any other plugin, latest Pro X5 build 208. Best, Thomas
  4. Great, thanks for sharing Tom! Only watched a bit of the first part yet, looking forward to watch all three parts later tonight ... Peace Thomas
  5. Hi @romatix! That might be the case as v11 seem to have some major changes, v11 don't work in Waves own StudioRack either ... Try to roll back to v10, this might be of help: https://www.waves.com/support/roll-back-to-v10-plugins-for-soundgrid-v9-apps I'm still on Waves v10 as v11 don't work the StudioRack. Best, Thomas
  6. Go to Score Properties in the Midi Editors Score menu. If the Midi Editor is docked right click in the area above the Piano Roll to access the menu. Best, Thomas
  7. That's correct, it should do that is you change the project sample rate. Somewhere there's a sample rate mismatch, we just need to figure out where ... What is the original sample rate of the wav files and the original VIP?
  8. Hi @B K! What driver type are you using in Samplitude's Audio Setup, Driver System? Asio? or are you using Windows MME or WDM? As I recall your old Samplitude 6 didn't have Asio, only MME & WDM so maybe you overlooked the Asio option? Use Asio, the VIP sample rate should set the sample rate for the Audio interface. As you got the “the audio card is synchronized to an external clock.” I suspect that you might be using MME and Windows has locked the sample rate for something else ... Best, Thomas
  9. Yes, if you only have the non-Suite version of Pro X5 you don't have the licence for the 70 GB library, only the 12 GB library is included in the licence. Best, Thomas
  10. Yes, same with Music Studio & Music Maker instruments.
  11. Hi @anilnc! The included instruments can only be used with Samplitude. Best, Thomas
  12. Hi @Johnny Blade! They are good, haven't used the limiter that much, like the flanger a lot This is what @proaudiosupport said: "The dynamics plugins are are loosely based on old advanced dynamics but the other plugins are mainly new developments. We have a new plugin team - Core Fx is just the beginning, there will hopefully be more in the future" Best, Thomas
  13. I guess these plugins are installed/placed directly in the VST plugins folder without any sub folder. You could create a sub folder for these bundles in the VST folder and move all the files from that bundle to the sub folder, then you will get the sub folder name-arrow in the plugin menu with the plugins listed there. Best, Thomas
  14. Hi @Sean DiMaria! I bought the standalone version years ago and in my account there is both the Independence Pro Standard which is the VSTi/EXE with a serial and then Independence Pro Premium Library with its own serial. Back then I bought a bundle on sale with both products, but I remember there was easy to get confused by the website back then, if you bought the Independence Pro Premium you only got the 70GB library, you needed to buy both products. By looking at the website they now call it Independence Pro Premium Suite it looks like it should include the Independence Pro Standard package as well ... https://www.magix.com/int/music/independence/ but it sounds that you still only get the licence for the Library not the standalone VSTi/EXE version so you need to check with support. Best, Thomas
  15. Hi! I think it's the other way around: INDEPENDENCE MAGIX Independence Pro Standard (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Standard for Windows | Filesize: 295 MB Includes the Independence 3.5 VSTi dll and standalone exe MAGIX Independence Pro Plus Suite (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Plus Suite for Windows | Filesize: 42.7 MB Download manager for the Plus library 12GB MAGIX Independence Pro Premium Suite (Windows) | Download Version: Pro Premium Suite for Windows | Filesize: 118 MB Download manager for the Premium library 70GB Best, Thomas
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