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  1. 9 minutes ago, tdor said:

    curiosity killed the Cat. I tried to uninstall Independence 3.6, and revert to 3.3, errors errors errors, now I have neither.

    I am tired of this BS. No X5 and I am flushing X3 too, countless hours of troubleshooting, no more.

    I knew that I would end up like this.

    So sad.

    To bad Thomas ... why did you choose to revert to 3.3 and not 3.5?

    This link might help you out:


  2. 18 hours ago, tdor said:

    @TotteG Hi Thomas,

    I have Independence, got this from customer service. For example, X5 does not load "Independence Content Image File 10" - even when I use the find function in Indi and point directly at that file.

    Try to load, from the Pro Suite, 03 Acoustic Bass / Upright Bass 1 BIG Key-Switch A-1, or anything below that list.

    The Mexican Bass loads.

    Thanks, also Thomas

    Ps. I cannot recall how I downloaded those 70GB image files for Independence, it must be so obvious that I did not take any notes. Maybe the file is corrupt, or not registered properly.



    Hi Thomas! 

    Ah, now I remember that you shared the 3.6 version you got from support last year ..

    I also remember that @TerryBritton did comment he had these problems when installing 3.6 so reverted back to 3.5.

    Regarding the 70GB image files I think one where asked to run the download manager when using Independence for the first time.

    I have several boxed versions, so I got the DVD's with the files.


  3. Hi windblown!

    The quick answer is No ...

    not in any Independence versions, the sounds only work within their own Vita instrument.

    I've noticed that most Vita Instrument sounds are based of the Independence Pro library or Best Service Engine libraries.

    Engine from Best Service is a re-skinned version of Independence Free so their commercial libraries can also be loaded in all versions of Independence ...

    You can get the Engine Artist Library, a 2,5 GB collection of sound from their libraries as a free fully working demo at: www.bestservice.com

    Which version number is your Independence Free? I thinks it needs to be 3.5 to be able to load the latest Engine libraries ... if it's a older version then you can download Engine as well.

    Best, Thomas

  4. 5 hours ago, Trensharo said:

    There is a 32-Bit install option for Pro 12,

    Hi @TrensharoThanks, that's right ... :)

    5 hours ago, Trensharo said:

    And, you may have to install the 32-Bit version of Sound Forge to use them.

    As stated and confirmed above the 32-bit plugin works fine in the 64-bit Sound Forge.

    5 hours ago, Trensharo said:

    Sound Forge bundled with Samplitude doesn't include the license for them, either (even though the download will offer them).

    Sound Forge bundled with Samplitude Pro X3 does include the licence for the Mastering and Repair Suite plugins, but the one bundled with Pro X4 don't include a licence.

    5 hours ago, Trensharo said:

    I think MixCraft includes the old iZotope Mastering Essential plugin, but I'm not sure if that will work in Sound Forge or any other DAW/Audio Editor (assuming you own that, cause Ozone 8 is cheaper to buy).

    I think Ozone 7/8 Elements is better than the old iZotope plugin.  It basically replaced those SKUs of the product.

    Yes I know there are better options nowadays but Patrick liked and wanted the the plugins he have to show up in Sound Forge Pro 13 and we got that issue solved ... :)

    Best, Thomas

  5. Ok, you get this missing file dialog when the library license is not activated.

    Have you activated the standalone Independence Pro Suit in the preferences?

    If so, which license did you get? The reason I ask is that I’ve seen confusion before with the different licenses. Only the Premium Suit license for the 70 GB library will work with the library installed with Samp ProX, not the Standard (2 GB) or Plus (12 GB) licenses.

    Best, Thomas

  6. 7 hours ago, Jazzy2040 said:

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you so much for the info,

    It's extremely helpful.

    I just got them,

    Thank you.thank you.



    I'm glad that I could of help Sylvain ... :)

    Magix seem to have missed to include any of the Acoustic Mirror impulse files so it's good to download the all_impulses.exe 


  7. Hi @Jazzy2040!

    I think they where available on the old installation CD's and as a additional download ...

    You'll find the test tones included here in this download from the Sony days:



    If you don't want do download all impulses (60 mb) you'll find the test tones folder here:


    Best, Thomas

  8. 13 hours ago, byxx said:

    Seq15 autocreates 60 tracks with a Kontakt instrument as a Multi. How to reduce the number to 16 autocreated tracks.

    Hi @byxx!

    As I can see it's not possible anymore, the Kontakt plugin reports all available outputs to Seq/Sam and you can't change that within Kontakt.

    Up to Kontakt version 5 there was 3 versions of the plugin: the full 64 output version, a 8 output and a 16 output version.

    Unfortunately NI seems to have removed the 8 & 16 output plugin from Kontakt 6.

    In Independence you can define how many outputs you want but that's not possible in Kontak.

    What you can do is to set up the mixer in Kontakt with 16 stereo channels and assign them to separate outputs in Kontakt, 

    save that as an output section preset and also save current output section state as default for: VST plugin (the old VST 8 & 16 outputs still listed to confuse so don't select any of them)

    Restart Kontakt to activate the changes.

    When you load Kontakt in Seq/Sam this will give you 16 stereo track + 4 stereo AUX and will use 40 of Kontakts outputs and the rest of the unassigned outputs will appear after the AUX's so you can easily delete these.

    Best, Thomas

  9. 21 hours ago, tdor said:
    You can download and install the latest Independence 3.6 (for Windows here):

    Great ,thanks Thomas!

    I wasn't aware of the 3.6, thought 3.5 was the latest ... where did you get that one?

    Have the separate Pro licence as well, in my Magix downloads there is only 3.5 available (but the download file is still named 3.2!?!)

    The support download here is also the 3.5:


    Best, Thomas

  10. 15 minutes ago, Artbluevibe said:

    Is there a way to insert one plugin to ALL TRACKS! ??? with a click of a button. for example if I want to insert fab filter EQ for all tracks before starting to mix, do I have to do one by one? The way I do it is hold control and drag to next track slot. only if theres a faster way. Or do I have to save as a mixer setup?

    Hi @Artbluevibe!

    Just select all tracks in the mixer and add the plugin to a slot, it will be added to all selected tracks. :)

    Best, Thomas

  11. 19 hours ago, Alfonso said:

    Hmmmm . . . . reading that warning when deactivating my original workstation install/laptop activation and reading this on some magix page . . .

    "You can change this device once a month through the Magix Service Center. . . . . . . . this program requires an internet connection at least once a month to validate the license."

    Perhaps I'm reading this wrong?  Perhaps there isn't a limitation on number of times or occurrence of deactivate/activate but rather that each device must simply be 'active' at least once a month for that confirmation?

    If so, more reasonable and will pursue this trial.  I'm still going to deactivate (and hell, 'reactivate') the laptop to see about any limitation.  But if no limitation, I can live to some degree with this activation dictate as I'm not using any of these devices where at least sometime during 30 days that aren't available to connect to the internet.


    Ok, the line: "You can change this device once a month through the Magix Service Center" indicates that but it also refers to 2015 version, the website might need an update ...

    It seems to have been dropped as support said this in 2017: "Originally this could only be done once per month, however this restriction was dropped"


    Keep us updated how it goes ... :)

    Best, Thomas

  12. Hi Alfonso!

    I believe it is right that the monthly rental model only permits one activation/computer at the time ...

    However, where did you find the information about the once 30 day limit?

    As I understand it used to be so but they dropped that limitation some years ago:


    To switch computers there are 2 ways of deactivating / activating

    Start up the none activated program on the new computer you wish to use - you should be prompted that the installation is not activated and do you wish to activate - doing so will deactivate the other computer activation.
    Logon on the the magix.com website, login to your account and under My Products you can activate / deactivate the appropriate computer - you should already have activated each installation to do this.

    Regards, Thomas

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