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  1. Find myself agreeing with Pete on this. For example, there seem to be some oddities for example in system/options accessed with the letter Y when in Samplitude. E.G. you land in the middle of the dialog box rather than at the start which is not standard Windows UI design. Further more there seem to be some inconsistencies E.G. when you navigate across the hardware section there is an “apply button” which does not appear anywhere else in system/options. The MIDI editor is another interesting Window E.G. there doesn’t appear to be any way to use the tab key to navigate across the Window to all controls etc. Then there are various "OK" buttons scattered throughout the UI that can't be triggered with the standard Windows keystroke, Alt and the letter O. Samplitude seems to contain a number of Windows like this such as the EQ116 which again has the same issue with the tab key E.G. no way for anyone to navigate to various controls in that Window without using a mouse. Further more, keyboard shortcuts could be easily added to various buttons in the EQ which would enhance Samplitude for power users who prefer to use the keyboard over a mous. I suspect that fixing UI design like this wouldn’t take very long at all but would certainly enhance the experience for all end users after all good UI design/accessibility benefits all :-)
  2. Yes indeed. It took us a bit longer to get the new Samplitude Access scripts out but they do work fantastically well and give us even greater access to Samplitude Pro X3 Suite and Pro X3. Plus the fact that Can has written an installer for the scripts makes installing the Samplitude Access solution seamless.
  3. Patrick. Nice to see you posting here. A number of users are using the Behrenger X-Touch which is basically a copy of the Mackie MCU Pro. I know someone who has an X-Touch and a Faderport 8 and he tells me that the build quality is better on the X-Touch.
  4. Hey Steve. Confirmed. Seeing the same issues you have posted above in V14.0.298. Sadly they are still prevalent and like you I think the range selection issue is down to a Window not being refreshed so as far as Jaws is concerned it can still se the range selection data but in fact it’s not there. I to would appreciate acknowledgement from someone over at Magix as it would be nice to know that the issues have been logged. If Magix do not feel that they want to acknowledge these issues here then they can of course comment on the beta as these issues have been flagged there also.
  5. Hey Ian. Nice to see you posting here. Just to add that Ian is another Samplitude Access user. I note that so far the only posts I have read here have been from other Samplitude Access users. Would be nice to se posts from people using other solutions :-)
  6. Hi all!! A number of us have been using an application called Surface Reader. This exciting new application uses your installed screen reading package to make control surfaces talk. You can read about it here: http://www.raisedbar.co.uk/surfacereader/surfacereader.htm However it's currently not possible to use Surface Reader in Samplitude. That's because even if you disable MIDI input and output ports they are still available in the hardware control surfaces dialog box. I used a Behrenger BCF2000 to conduct this test. I tested this theory by firstly disabling the BCF port 1 port for input and output in system/hardware controller in Samplitude. I then went into MIDI devices and disabled the BCF port 1 both as an input and output port. I then went back into hardware controller to see if the BCF port 1 port was still there. It was so I enabled it an an input and output port and guess what, the faders flue up. I then verified that the BCF port 1 was no longer available for use as a MIDI device by pressing the Samplitude Access record keystroke, Alt and the letter R twice quickly (equivalent to right clicking on the record button) to check the input port and pressed the Samplitude Access keystroke Alt M twice quickly (equivalent to right clicking on the mute button) to access the menu for output ports. In both instances the MIDI port was gone. Conclusion: Unfortunately we won’t be able to use Surface Reader until Magix provide a fix in Samplitude that disables MIDI ports in the system/hardware controller dialog box. That’s because there is a MIDI loop going on and we can’t stop that from happening because we can’t disable MIDI ports that we don’t want to be available for Surface reader in system/hardware controller.
  7. Saw the following on this on our VIP Audio listwhich is the Samplitude Access support E-mail list for visually impaired users: Hi all. I had Jim Roseberry help me get my audio set up, because when I loaded samplitude, JAWS and other synthesizers went silent. I am using the on board Realtek sound card for JAWS, and my mackie Onyx mixer for Samplitude and other audio. He discovered that the Magix low latency driver had moved my other audio drivers one slot over in the order in which they were being called for. So Samplitude and Sound Forge would not allow the Realtek card to work. Thus, No JAWS. He uninstalled the Magix driver in the registry and now it works as it should. Phil comments: Previously this was not a problem prier to Samplitude Pro X3 as the Magix driver was an MME driver. In my view the default behaviour for this driver should be that it’s not enabled at all. There should be a section in the start menu under programs, Magix, Samplitude Pro X3 Suite where end users can configure it. In this section you could have an entry to enable it and a second to disable it. All the entry would have to do is apply the appropriate registry key. I note that Sound Forge uses a second and equally annoying driver which by default should not be enabled as it can wreak havoc with screen reading software.
  8. Just to add to what Can has said. The scripts and other files are already available in a zip file on: http://www.samplitudeaccess.org.uk/download Can has indeed made a significant coding contribution to the project and all will be revealed very soon ;-)
  9. Just to add that although I have heard of other accessibility solutions available for Samplitude I haven’t been able to find them online, or access them in any way. If these other solutions really are solutions then they should be available for all end users to use. If not and they are only being used by 1 or 2 people and they are not being made available for everyone to use then they are not solutions at all.
  10. Hi Tom and All. Firstly I want to thank you personally for all of the great accessibility work you have put into Samplitude and latterly Sound Forge. It is greatly appreciated!! Our hope is that as things move forward accessibility will continue to improve in Samplitude and Sequoia. We also hope that there is an accessibility framework that all development teams working at Magix adhere to in order that accessibility will improve in all Magix software. If not then we may be able to advise on the way forward. Like Len I am also a Samplitude beta tester. The Samplitude Access project has not been around very long (since July 2016) and yet probably has the highest user base and when it comes to English speaking users around the world, undoubtedly so. Further more there’s absolutely no reason why the Samplitude Access scripts and documentation couldn’t be translated into other languages such as German. I note that Steve posted today that there are around 100 members on list and a large number of those are Samplitude users. I Want to publically thank Steve Spamer for continuing to drive the project forward with his formidable scripting skills and Tim Burgess for his continues support with script development. It's an honour to be involved in this project along side Steve Len and Can, writing, editing and collating the documentation. I have used Samplitude Pro X3 Suite to independently record, edit, mix master and create a DDP. Even Adding all of the DDP data to an online database. As a producer, mixing and mastering engineer, I haven’t been able to do that until now. There’s no doubt that on the Windows platform, we can do fantastic things in Samplitude. It’s amazing to have another DAW available on Windows that end users can benefit from using. Further more the fact that end users have access to an E-mail list, whatsapp group, the Samplitude Access YouTube channel where end users can listen to other visually impaired Samplitude users using the software and the Samplitude Access website: http://www.samplitudeaccess.org.uk/ Where people can download the scripts, Samplitude Pro X3 Suite and Samplitude Pro X3 trials. All of this means that people can get up and running as there is a lot of great help out there. Further more; Len has indeed put together some excellent and very reasonably priced Samplitude audio tutorials. As for other solutions with regard to using Samplitude, I would love to hear about those and would be delighted if there were anything else out there that offers such comprehensive support. The Samplitude Access team recognise that it’s not easy for visually impaired users to get started. That’s why we put a really fantastic solution together. As Chris previously pointed out there are indeed a lot of resources available for end users. Further more every Window in Samplitude has Jaws help specifically written for that Window which end users can easily access. I quickly looked through the up and coming Samplitude Access release documentation which is about to come out but rather than attempt to explain what is covered, I thought it best if I simply paste in some of the headings from the documentation. The documents cover a lot of detail and are a kind of manual for Samplitude Access plus a lot of helpful resources with regard to registering the product with Magix, downloading Samplitude patches extending the Samplitude demo etc. From the read me: Differences Between Samplitude Pro X3 And Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, Screen Resolution, Recommended Windows Settings, Fixing Potential Windows 10 Display Problems, A Note About Using The Samplitude Suite Trial To Obtain the Full Installer For Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, Tips For Installing Samplitude Pro x3 Suite, Installing Additional Magix Instruments, Installing Independence Or Independence Pro, Adding Shortcuts To Samplitude Documentation On Windows 10, Installing The Samplitude INZ file Into Samplitude Pro X3 And Samplitude Pro X3 Suite, Getting To The Samplitude "Start Selection" Dialog Box After You Have Unchecked The "Always show this dialog during start" Checkbox, Changes To The INI Files, Using Plug-ins With HotSpotClicker, Known Issues, Audio Set-up In Samplitude, Configuring MIDI Devices, Adding A Control Surface, Enabling Komplete Kontrol Transport Controls IN Samplitude, Adding VST's, Setting up Samplitude To Record Multiple Objects Ungrouped, Enabling Automatic MIDI Record Switch On Current Track, Enabling Disabling MIDI Echo In Samplitude, How To Insert A Softsynth Or Audio Affect, Inserting A Softsynth With Multiple Outputs, Enabling Playback On A Softsynth, Editing Objects In The MIDI Editor, How To Move To A Different Position In A Project When In the Samplitude MIDI Editor, How To Quantize A MIDI Object, Ungrouping Objects After Recording On Multiple Tracks, Examples For Non-Contiguous And Multiple Object Selection, How To Change The Velocity Of MIDI Notes, How To Retrospectively Record MIDI On A Track, Recording Automation On A Track/Bus, Automating Sends Or Affects, Adding Markers To A Project, Inserting Wav Files On To A Specific Audio Track With Timestamps IN Samplitude Pro x3 Suite, How To Create An Exported Multitrack With Mono and Stereo Stems In Samplitude, How To retrospectively record Audio ON A Track, Enabling Post Recording On An Audio Track, A Note ON Ranges And Objects, A Note ON Saving VIP Files As Templates, Creating A DDP With Standard 2 Second Pauses (Samplitude Pro X3 Suite Only), Creating A DDP With Non Standard Pauses (Samplitude Pro X3 Suite Only), Registering Samplitude Pro x3 And Samplitude Pro x3 Suite, Frequently Asked Questions, Extending A 7 Day Demo To 30 Days, Reporting Bugs And Contributing To The Project, And Getting More Help. Keystrokes document: Keystrokes For Obtaining Window Information, VIP/Arranger Window Keystrokes, VIP-Ranges, VIP-Objects, Selecting Objects IN Zoom Mode, VIP/Arranger Window Direct Shortcuts, VIP/Arranger Window -FX Shortcuts, EQ Keystrokes, Automation Curves (Sends 1 - 8, volume and pan), VIP/Arranger Window -Toggled Windows, VIP/Arranger Window-Misc, Mixer Window, Transport Console, Visualization-Meters, Timeline Zooming In The VIP/Arranger Window, Track Zooming In Zoom Mode: Multiple Track Selection: Object Editor, Midi Editor, Object Manager, Range Editor, Parameter View Keystrokes, Native plug-in View Keystrokes, Kontakt Specific Keystrokes, Automation Node Edit Dialog, Cross Fade Editor Window, Normalization Window, Tempo Map Window, Audio Quantization, Elastic Audio, Resampling Time Stretching, Software Instrument Routing window, MIDI Global Quantize Settings Window, Midi Velocity Dynamics, Midi Editor/Midi Transpose, Take Manager, Marker Manager, Track Editor, Curve Generator, Advanced Dynamics, Amp Simulation, Distortion, Echo Delay Reverb, Multiband Dynamics, Track Aux Send Routing Window, Time Display Window And Vocoder Window.
  11. Hey Gunmetal. As you say you can indeed copy paste tracks across projects. Am with JPR on this one as from a visually impaired user stand-point, importing a template into an existing VIP would be a lot quicker for visually impaired users. Currently we have a special zoom mode in the Samplitude Access scripts that allow us to select tracks to copy. This works well and Steve has done a great job scripting this up. Note: if it were not for Steve scripting this up then it would not be possible at all as Magix do not offer an accessible solution that works with regard to this that could be used by a visually impaired user. Having the ability to import templates would be a time saver for sure :-)
  12. Hey JPR. Agreed. Track templates would be a real time saver. Thinking about it all we need is a way to import another template into the VIP of an existing template. Perhaps an import template option in the file menu would be great and not too hard to implement as a lot of the code for doing this is already there. Further more this would be a great time saver for sighted users as good accessibility is good accessibility for all ;-)
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