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  1. Unfortunately it seems the Focusrite 2i2 doesn't allow for Clock sync, either as a Master or a Slave. It would be highly advisable to have both interfaces synced to the same clock, otherwise your recordings will be out of sync with each other.
  2. No, Magix is a serious company with lots of history. They won't release a new version every year. Still, regarding version stability, X3 is you best bet for the moment but mainly because some of the bugs in X4 are a "no-go" for multitrack recording. If you're composing in "one pass" or Mixing, X4 is the way to go. If you buy X3 and then compare with the new features in X4, you'll want X4 too. Maybe wait for the version update in X4 and see if the major bugs are solved. It's now on and that is the "faulty" version, sync wise. No need to thank, it's always nice to engage in pleasant conversation on the web. Reminds me of "Ham" radio!
  3. Exactly why i said: " X5? Let's hope not! " X4 was released before all the bugs in X3 were fixed. X4 appeared with some new features and a whole new set of bugs. And now, as usual, people start "calling" for a new version (X5) expecting it to be the "fix-all" of all versions. It won't. X5 will come out before all X4 bugs are fixed. That's the way it has been and the way it will be. Even so, it's still too soon to release X5 but it's about time for the "latency compensation" issue to be fixed in X4.
  4. No. Major versions are paid. Bug fixes are free and sometimes represent a major change or an important feature. Sorry. Can't confirm. X3 is stable in every system (it appears) although it's not bug free. Some are programming bugs, others are system related or operator induced. Even so, it's a pretty stable version of Samplitude. It did change several important details, it added a few interesting features (some have disturbed a few users who prefer not to see any changes, ever) but in all, if it were bug free, i'd opt for X4 instead of X3. Most new features are improvements. Problem is it doesn't apply Latency Compensation so you can't do overdubs (for the time being) No.
  5. X5? Let's hope not! X3 wasn't finished when X4 was released and X4 doesn't work properly so let's hope they fix either of these before selling us something new.
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