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  1. HI Tom, Steve and everyone else reading this. i'm one of the samplitude access beta testers so i've been involved with Steve's solution almost right from the start. i've seen it grow exponentially over the last 18 months. I haven't encountered any daw at any stage of my music production career wich had this level of accessibility. i'm a producer/mixing engineer/mastering engineer and samplitude access ensures i can satisfy all my production needs from recording midi and audio, editing material via objects etc, manipulate midi via midi editor, use builtin as well as 3rd party vst's and instruments, mix with confidence using all the samplitude tools and also master my clients productions to the best of my ability. Yes samplitude access is a work in progress and yes we've encountered a few bumps along the way but my professional opinion is that no access solution for any daw comes even close to what samplitude access provide for visually impaired users. This is a solution for the jaws screen reader and i have no knowledge of other samplitude solutions but i doubt they could give the level of access provided by samplitude access. This solution has brought so many new blind users to magix and i sincerely hope all of these new users use this platform to voice there satisfaction with samplitude access. kind regards. Len Viljoen
  2. Yes this is definitely something essential. Especially for drums. Not only for me as a blind user but i think anyone would love this feature
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