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  1. Hello, I'm an other beta tester of the Samplitude Access Project and coder of the our new solution that we will release it as soon as possible. First of all, I totally agreed Pete's comment about "accessibility" and "useability". especially Steve Spamer and we are not only creating accessibility solution for Samplitude, we are also making everything more easier for end-users. Yes, unified accessibility solution will be awesome, but I couldn't find any source/material/script/application on the internet about other accessibility solution that mentioned in the first post. So can we say that "they are accessibility solutions for all users"? I believe that other friends will explain everything more better than my comments.
  2. Still waiting answer of that question also, Magix low-latency driver is really problem for other softwares, which Steve mentioned before. At a result, we are looking for a solution to disable Magix Low Latency driver...
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