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  1. I do not undertstand your question. Can you rephrase it, please? You can set the exmport to be whatever is sent to the main faders. So your two mono files, if panned L & R will di this. David
  2. Get well SOON! :)


  3. Dear Newish Members above, It might help folks here to diagnose your problems it you would describe your setup of Samplitude, yout computer, and the "sound cards" and other ancillary gear that you are using. See this sticky thread. There will be a solution! Best wishes, David
  4. FIrefox also gave me a warning about the certificate recently, trying to give the impression that my computer would be invaded by aliens. I clicked through it -- and was disappointed when nothing unusual happened. David
  5. OK. I found in the Tutorial pdf that there is an additional message in blue/green that I didnt see that says "activate program offline". It sounds like a pretty tedious process; but I will do this.

    Sorry to have bothered you!

    Best wishes,


  6. Ken, WAV and CUE files contain all the information the manufacturing plant requires. DPP files are more commonly used as they have checksum provision. DDP can be made by ProX3 Suite, but I have also used the free program DDPTOOLS with ease and success. It is a command line program. David
  7. Yet another useful feature that I have been unaware of for over 12 years. Any hints how to do this, please? OK! By a stroke of luck I looked up mp3 preview in the help files, and it came right up (Encoder Preview)! Panic over -- I have learned something else today! When did this become part of Samplitude? I must have been asleep (as usual) David
  8. I use 192k only for measuring amplifiers and checking for spurious hf signals. Otherwise, I use 96k for actual recording, as the equivalent of higher tape speeds in analog recording, even though I recall A/B-ing the record/relay chain of a Nakamichi high end cassette recorder way back around 1975 and finding it barely distinguishable from a Studer A80 doing the same thing simultaneously. I told myself then that the wind was obviously in the right direction. David
  9. Hi Sascha! having a bit of time this morning, I installed the Birdline Suite. These are terrific! Classy and not at all garish. Thanks again for the heads up! Now I must look for the other goodies. Pro X3 is turning out to be one of the most worthwhile upgrades I can recall (and I started with v.8). David
  10. Yes, I have the pdfs of the handbooks, of course -- Engl 1021 pages, Ger. 1079 pages. the latter is sometimes invaluable for clarification. They are just not as easy to read and search as the hard copy would be. But thanks for telling me that these are not available. David
  11. Hi Sascha! Thanks for the heads up! I did what I should have done already, and searched on "birdline" in my email client. sure enough, an email from Magix, which was so long that I never got beyond the second page. It gives serial numbers for Sound Forge, Birdline, Izotope and Melodyne, most of which I was unaware of! It will take me a while to get up to date with these... Best, David
  12. Hi Sascha! Thanks for writing. I bought the download upgrade, as usual, but regret that I dont have a printed copy of the much improved manual! Sound Forge Pro 11 was included free with my Pro X3 upgrade, so I guess that was instead of the Birdline skins! (You cant win all the jackpots!) Thanks, David
  13. Hi Goran! Do I understand you correctly? Birdline skins come included in Pro X3? Where are they to be found? Thanks, David
  14. I got my copy years ago. It was amazingly powerful for €50 or $50 and useful to have if I forgot to take my dongle with me; but I havent tried to use it for years. It would only do stereo. David
  15. Hi Goran! But surely, Samplitude always reminds you if you havent saved your work when you exit. David
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