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  1. Get well SOON! :)


  2. Dear Newish Members above, It might help folks here to diagnose your problems it you would describe your setup of Samplitude, yout computer, and the "sound cards" and other ancillary gear that you are using. See this sticky thread. There will be a solution! Best wishes, David
  3. FIrefox also gave me a warning about the certificate recently, trying to give the impression that my computer would be invaded by aliens. I clicked through it -- and was disappointed when nothing unusual happened. David
  4. OK. I found in the Tutorial pdf that there is an additional message in blue/green that I didnt see that says "activate program offline". It sounds like a pretty tedious process; but I will do this.

    Sorry to have bothered you!

    Best wishes,


  5. Ken, WAV and CUE files contain all the information the manufacturing plant requires. DPP files are more commonly used as they have checksum provision. DDP can be made by ProX3 Suite, but I have also used the free program DDPTOOLS with ease and success. It is a command line program. David
  6. Yet another useful feature that I have been unaware of for over 12 years. Any hints how to do this, please? OK! By a stroke of luck I looked up mp3 preview in the help files, and it came right up (Encoder Preview)! Panic over -- I have learned something else today! When did this become part of Samplitude? I must have been asleep (as usual) David
  7. I use 192k only for measuring amplifiers and checking for spurious hf signals. Otherwise, I use 96k for actual recording, as the equivalent of higher tape speeds in analog recording, even though I recall A/B-ing the record/relay chain of a Nakamichi high end cassette recorder way back around 1975 and finding it barely distinguishable from a Studer A80 doing the same thing simultaneously. I told myself then that the wind was obviously in the right direction. David
  8. Hi Sascha! having a bit of time this morning, I installed the Birdline Suite. These are terrific! Classy and not at all garish. Thanks again for the heads up! Now I must look for the other goodies. Pro X3 is turning out to be one of the most worthwhile upgrades I can recall (and I started with v.8). David
  9. Yes, I have the pdfs of the handbooks, of course -- Engl 1021 pages, Ger. 1079 pages. the latter is sometimes invaluable for clarification. They are just not as easy to read and search as the hard copy would be. But thanks for telling me that these are not available. David
  10. Hi Sascha! Thanks for the heads up! I did what I should have done already, and searched on "birdline" in my email client. sure enough, an email from Magix, which was so long that I never got beyond the second page. It gives serial numbers for Sound Forge, Birdline, Izotope and Melodyne, most of which I was unaware of! It will take me a while to get up to date with these... Best, David
  11. Hi Sascha! Thanks for writing. I bought the download upgrade, as usual, but regret that I dont have a printed copy of the much improved manual! Sound Forge Pro 11 was included free with my Pro X3 upgrade, so I guess that was instead of the Birdline skins! (You cant win all the jackpots!) Thanks, David
  12. Hi Goran! Do I understand you correctly? Birdline skins come included in Pro X3? Where are they to be found? Thanks, David
  13. I got my copy years ago. It was amazingly powerful for €50 or $50 and useful to have if I forgot to take my dongle with me; but I havent tried to use it for years. It would only do stereo. David
  14. Hi Goran! But surely, Samplitude always reminds you if you havent saved your work when you exit. David
  15. Hi Phil! Yes, this tip will help a great deal! Thanks! David
  16. I have been experimenting with Spectral Cleaning in Samplitude 9. I am pleased with the results. Perhaps v. 10 is differently organized, but if not my comments may be useful as pointers for improvements. It takes so long to do the actual cleaning that one wants to be able to do it all in one go. In the event I took four goes. As recommended, I put markers on all the places where I needed to clean (my object is 20 minutes long), then entered Spectral Cleaning. I feel that the navigation is clumsy. It would be helpful if there were shortcuts for moving between the markers when in SC (like F2/F3 in the VIP). Another difference is that, unlike in the VIP, you cant click beside the button at the bottom that allows you to move horizontally. I would like to be able to use shortcuts to nudge the edges of the rectangle that is drawn over the noise to be removed. The mouse control is not sensitive enough for making small changes to the rectangle size or position. The handles are often difficult to see. The process writes what appears to me to be a backup file called *FX.wav. When I had finished, I looked at this wave and found that it is four times as long as the object, because it has four versions of it end to end. In my case it was 1.6GB, which takes up a lot of disc space. Why not overwrite this file each time SC is called on the same object? Perhaps I have missed something, that others have found that will help me to use this tool more efficiently. I hope so. The manual is... David
  17. There's the full manual here: http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/ David
  18. Thank you very much, André! David
  19. I have had several of these. I delete them, of course; but I have in the past had legitimate PMs from people I didnt then recognise, so it is irritating to get these spam emails. What are the admininstrators doing about it? David
  20. How about when you are running your laptop from its internal batteries, with only the FF800 connected to the wall power? Do you run dpclat.exe to check that your laptop is able to record without lost buffers? http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml David
  21. Information about the patch is at the RME forum: http://www.rme-audio.de/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4123 BUT, if you are using your FF800 at the lower speed, as I am because my HP laptop only runs at the Firewire 400 speed, you dont need the patch, as it is only for making Windows XP SP3 work at the Firewire 800 speed. The usual problem that causes the effect you describe when you move windows around is the audio devices connected to your FF800. This is a grounding fault. Try to see if you still get these lost buffers if no inputs are connected to your FF800. (Turn up all the volumes and record noise!) You can contact Tom Sailor, through this forum (Orange Hill Audio). He has extensive experience with RME and Samplitude and he may be able to help you. David
  22. Start your search at www.rme-audio.de and ask for advice on their forum. Take your time or you might regret a hasty decision. David
  23. RME products are excellent and their support is first rate. A good investment. If you have a desktop, I recommend a card interface. If a laptop, FF400 is what I would recommend. David
  24. This is the understatement of the century! I have been re-reading the book recentlý after using Samplitude for a couple of years, and it is still gibberish to me. A scandal. Another way is ALT-vertical arrow. David
  25. I cant see that this is any different from what I am doing. I still have to click to get the menu to change from stereo to mono, and then re-open the menu to select the input channel. But maybe I am missing something here. David You shouldn't have to reopen the menu to setup the input channel. The recording parameter window has everything in it. Greg BUT... When you start a new VIP with four tracks, the recording input is set to 1/2 for ALL tracks, and then one cannot switch between the tracks on the Record Parameter panel, because only one track at a time can be put into record ready. Sorry that the above is a complicated sentence. Do I make myself clear? Actually, it seems that ALT-I gives a panel that can be used efficiently. It is called Mixer Options. David
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