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  1. I've checked Common Files before bot nothing there, however I found the dll in C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins Thank you.
  2. Yes, this. As I said, I DID try to uninstall and install it again but, even twice. I installed the software 3 times and only at first time I had the option to set VSTi location (I thought it's going to be installed in stainberg vst folder or program folder). After uninstall and another try I DON'T see this option again, and can'T even change components of custom installation. I spend over 2 hours trying to find dll but failed. My have Windows 7 64bit. I've checked and added locations specified in install.cfg with no success. I've seen there are other Independence directories but still didn't the VSTi. Where is default location or how the dll is named?
  3. Were dll vsti version of Independence free is located? At first install I've could choose vsti and program location but didn't change and leave it default. After after uninstall I no longer see this option. I can't even change custom install settings where you select vsti to be installed (it's checked). How to really uninstall your software so I could see this option again or where I can find dll so I can load IF DAWs?
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