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  1. Overall I have found the new Sound Forge Pro 12 to be extremely accessible. I have been using it quite frequently with no problems except for one thing. Under Options -> General Preferences, the screen reader will only speak the list of items and not their status. For example, it will read "Open default workspace on startup", but it doesn't say if this option is enabled or disabled. Right now the only way I can use this list of options is through trial and error. I wonder if you could look into this when you get a chance? Otherwise it's been working flawlessly on my machine. No crashes what-so-ever and extremely fast and stable. What a truly professional product and a job well done!
  2. John, Just so you know, I'm blind as well and also use Jaws. So we're in the same boat here. I just wanted to add that when it comes to plug-ins, I think it's really up to the developers of a plug-in to make their UI accessible or not. For example, the plug-ins that came with SF Pro 10 I use all the time and have never had any issues with. On the other hand, there's other third party VST plugs that were completely unusable. Each one is different and for third party plug-ins there is probably not much that can be done other than contacting the company of the plug-in and try to see if they can provide better access. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's the way I understand it.
  3. >What is your daily work, what are you doing with SF Pro? Everything from remixing to editing music and spoken-word material. I also record live DJ mixes. Then I'll use SF is use for mastering these DJ sets. This would include audio enhancements -- compression/limiting for volume consistency, some EQ when necessary and making edits to portions of the mix. >How long takes your sessions with SF approximately? Depends, but usually an hour or two. >What plugins you use? Mainly just the ones included with SF Pro -- Wave Hammer, reverb and chorus/flange effects and the Elastique Timestretch. Btw, the way I work is by applying effects one-at-a-time. I don't use the Plug-In Chainer or Plug-In Manager. >What do you like, and why you love your SF? What I love most about Sound Forge is how accessible it has always been and continues to be to the blind and visually impaired. I'm a blind computer user myself and I use a screen reader when using SF and accessing the PC in general. All the keyboard shortcuts and standard dialogs/commands in SF make it so easy to work with. >What can be improved? Why or for what you use other tools? * 64-bit support. * Statistics dialog showing min/max values for volume and the time and location of other important details. * The ability to import and export saved custom presets (like Preset Manager does with SF Pro 10). * Ability for adding loop information and other properties for importing directly into Acid and other loop-based programs. * Access to more information on the active sound file i.e. what attributes are being used for internal processing, the playback attributes being used and the file's actual audio properties. >What would be a reason for you to upgrade to SF Pro 12? What I mentioned above, plus maintaining of accessibility - keyboard shortcuts, being able to control the behavior and movement of the playback cursor, being able to select data from the keyboard and other options already implemented in Audio Studio 12.
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