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  1. Awesome - I'll follow your suggestion. Btw - I'm a huge fan of your vids - best available anywhere! Thanks again,
  2. Hi - I wanted to know the "Manufacturer SysEx ID Number" for the "Magix" company. I am currently creating custom configuration instrument files to control the VST and FX Plugins of Samplitude Pro X3, via a Mackie Control C4 Pro controller - but I need the Manufacturer SysEx ID for the Magix company. I have already visted the "MIDI Association website" - www.midi.org; but unfortunately Magix is not listed unlike most other DAW companies. Also, would anyone know how to find the MIDI Device ID's for any of the VST Plugins? Supposedly, every VST instrument has one assigned to it. It is a number unique to each VST instrument and stored in HEX. Thanks for any help,
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