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  1. Update... Independence Pro in place and all instruments available in Samplitude Pro X3! I think I'm all set to go now! Seamus
  2. Hi Kraznet, Right now... Birdline registered and iZotope Nectar too. Thanks for that! Independence Pro Library... I clicked on the left of the Basic Library. It still seemed active (could hear the instruments). Couldn’t figure out how to remove it. I could only see a button for removing a layer. Clicked Add Library, which took me to my computer, looking for downloaded files, I guess. Poking around, I found a file independence.content in C:/programfiles/steinberg/vstplugins/Magix/independence/vstplugins64. I clicked on that. It said Independence Pro Library Installer, and (something like) 'Installation interrupted. Do you want to continue?' I pressed continue. Right now the Independence Pro Library is being installed. 5hr 34m left. Should I remove the Basic Library once this one is in? Not sure exactly how to do that, other than delete/remove it directly from the drive and point to the new Pro version. Seamus
  3. Hi again Kraznet, Right now... Pro X3 is installed and registered (all additional instruments and content are there too) Melodyne is installed and registered (came in with Pro X3) Sound Forge Pro 11 is installed and registered (came in with Pro X3) iZotope Mastering and Repair is installed and registered (came in with Pro X3. I registered through SF)) SpectrLayers Pro 4 is installed and registered (I installed it independently) Problems... 1. SPX3 is pointing at my original Basic Independence Library. So far, I can’t see how to download the full Independence sampler and library. Need help there. 2. iZotope Nectar Elements hasn't been installed, nor, it seems, Birdline. Should I install them independently, using the .exe file izotope_nectarelements? Seamus Seamus
  4. Hi Kraznet, Started installing Samplitude Pro X3 Suite just now. I've registered X3 fine. It installed Sound Forge 11 and iZotope Mastering and Repair along with it. Now installing, after choosing, instruments, Independence, etc. It seems to have completely ignored my Samplitude Pro X2, ie not installing over it! That's it so far... Seamus
  5. Hi, I've just got the licenses for the amazing Samplitude Pro X3 Suite and its associated programs. It's upgrade, so I believe I can install over my Samplitude Pro X2. I've downloaded the .exe files. 5 in all... samplitudeprox3suite_int_dlm izotope_nectarelements sfp11-izotopemasteringandrepairsuite soundforgepro11 spectralayerspro4 Is there a best order to install them sequentially? Thanks, Seamus
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