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  1. Thx Thomas, This forum is just wonderful: you ask a question, and you have an answer very fast! and most of all, a GOOD answer! Thank you all, guys! Regards, Emmanuel
  2. Hello, Can anyone explain me the use of the parameter dialog in a vita instrument menu (see image)? which kind of parameters are they? How can I use the grey/orange bar on the right? I didn't find any information on the web... Thx for your help! Emmanuel
  3. Thx Kraznet for all your tutorials.They're very helpful, and very well explained. This one was exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn't find it on the web... Such a tutorial is much more interesting than trying to read the help content! lol Best regards, Emmanuel
  4. GREAT!!! YOU FOUND THE SOLUTION!!! You saved my life ! lol Thx a lot Thomas, the solution was simple, but I didn't find it. You're a Genius!! Thx Thx Thx Emmanuel (a happy man)
  5. Thx, I tried to do this: I'm in the piano roll, I open the keyboard with the strings instrument open (see image), record some notes with the strings "pizzi", then (I don't stop recording) switch to strings tremolo (typing the yellow key), record some notes, and then stop recording. When I listen to the score, all the notes are played with the tremolo, including the first ones I recorded under the pizzi key. It seems that Samplitude didn't record the switch key during the recording. Maybe there's a Midi controller somewhere in the Automation?? Emmanuel
  6. Thanks for your answer. I tried, but no success. The problem is that when you click on one of the yellow keys, the change affects the whole track.I'm sure there's a midi code or something that can be read by samplitude all along the score, using Automation to tell samplitude when to change. But What??? Thx anyway! Emmanuel
  7. Hello, I'm using Samplitude pro x3, and I'm really happy with it! powerful, many instruments, Independence... Nothing to complain. Anyways, I have 1 question about the instruments: many of them have yellow keys on the left part of the keyboard, allowing to switch between different sounds of the same instrument (see image below). For example, the Choirs have several vowels and "Mmh" available, which is extraordinary (sounds are great!!). But if I want to have my choir singing different vowels, until now, I have to use as many tracks as I need vowels (1 for "Ah", 1 for "Oh" etc...).Is there any way to switch between these vowels on the same track, using Automation for example? Thanks for your answer! Emmanuel
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