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  1. Server is really slow for VP14 download, but its going.... may have something to do with errors with slow responses.
  2. Amazing deal, even more amazing for Magix to be involved with such a great company in the world! I just bought in, and paid more so I could get the slider numbers where I wanted them to be at (that I can afford in this moment, I'd pay more if I was doing better). Magix <3
  3. I only listened to the Jo Quail video, but very well done! Beautiful Song/performance too! wow. thanks for sharing!
  4. Oh, ha ha. I understand now. I will have to go check it out. thanks again! Rock On Kraznet!
  5. Hello Kraznet, If you are referring to the Magix info forum site, yes I did register there. Not sure if I got a confirmation as I signed up at that one about 2 years ago when getting MM and Music Studio going previously. Appreciate your help along the way with Magix stuff.
  6. Was suggested to login here and introduce myself to the Samplitude community! I’ve already been introduced to Kraznet videos on YouTube last night. looks like a good learning resource. Only found a few Fb groups for Samplitude, joined one to see how goes. I’ve not yet searched for and watched the Magix tutorials yet, but will this weekend. Excited to learn more and hands on learning curve. This looks like a great resource and place of activity! Thanks Kraznet, telecharge, and Amicus717! If you have any other great ideas to go for info and tutorials, please let me know. Cheers!
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