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  1. I'm suspicious to say anything else. I already know all the work. Just two words: excellent discography!
  2. A nice studio! The result of the work is great.
  3. It sounds very good to my ears. Congratulations, you did a very good work! Can I ask you which DAW did you use for mastering?
  4. Cool! Congratulations and thanks!
  5. This is not true. I have all your videos in my browser 'favorites'. And I didn't know that all the records were being made available for free. That's right? I am avoiding shopping at the moment due to a family economic reorganization strategy, because of Covid-19.
  6. The arrangements with guitars, in my opinion, make the instrumental more pleasurable. Maybe because I'm a heavy metal fan. Another job very well done / built, congratulations, you are talented in what you do!
  7. I'm sorry to read this... In fact, I noticed that you were away longer than usual... I hope you are better and even more inspired to continue your good and interesting work! Take care!
  8. The introduction with heavy metal elements is exciting. The break in rhythm with the later resumption of the initial base "rounded off" this instrumental work. Thanks for sharing, I just got a chance to hear it now. It would be interesting to see your works explore a little more the insertions with guitars.
  9. I have difficulty assimilating the beautiful German language, but I was touched by the melody of the song. There is a certain magic to good music that breaks through any language barrier. My sincere congratulations, your music can do that.
  10. I don't know if it does, but it seems to me that the Carbon skin of the X5 is more "alive" than that of the X4. More beautiful. Nice work (as usual). Your works reminds me, in a way, of Jean-Michell Jarre, respecting individual peculiarities, obviously. By that, I mean that your work is very well built and perfectly competitive! Congratulations one more time!
  11. Yes. Embedded. I was suspicious that it would be some extension of my browser that would be preventing YouTube videos from appearing, but I noticed that I don't have many extensions, just one for text translations. The videos do not appear, only the links that lead to them are exposed. Some time ago it was working perfectly.
  12. I found this topic just now, what a cool video! I had traveling moments during the exhibition!
  13. Ah... thanks! The combination of tools you use is very good, I know some of them well. The result of your work is very professional. I really like the "texture" of your music, it is very pleasant to hear and it is the type that will sound good on any physical audio player. I thought you were using some Fairchild 670 emulation, but I believe the iZotope package has some responsibility for that. I really appreciate the sound of the iZotope plugins. As for sMax11, it is a champion apart! Stay up the good work!
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