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  1. Does anyone know if 200 seconds is really the max? Samp's manual doesn't help and I would like to put FFT Filter against T-RackS' Master Match. It seems FFT Filter is faster to work with, but Master Match more accurate, at first view.
  2. I really like Samplitude and can not imagine using other software so spontaneously and pleasantly. However, I have long been resigned: if it depends on the manufacturer, it is each one by itself. Kraznet is a competent professional volunteer, but also has his personal affairs and obviously can not stay at all times available to this forum. His willingness to help is impressive and I sometimes believe that the company acts inhumanly by leaving him alone here. Master Kraznet is all we have, we must not deceive ourselves. Apparently, Magix settled down. Or must have forgotten about this place.
  3. It seems that Master Kraznet is very busy these days. So... is there anyone that could answer my questions, please? I know they can sound very basic, but not for me... the classic video tutorials do not cover my questions, perhaps because they presuppose previous knowledge, so I launched them here. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you very much for your explanation! I'm a big fan of your work!
  5. Dear @Kraznet: 1 - Is "Int : Ext" knob in "Sidechain" a kind of "Mix" (processed / unprocessed signal) feature? In AM-Munition this knob is called "Source", isn't it? 2 - And what about "Level" (AM-Muniton's "Sidechain"): is it the VOLUME of sidechain? I'm sorry for asking this and bother you.... I'm still trying to tame AM-Munition...
  6. Browsing the Web, I found this plugin. Interesting as it looks like AM-Munition! It has 2 channels/compressors, M/S Mode, channel link, soft clipping, threshold with auto make up gain (similar effect to the threshold of the AM-Munition in 'Master' section ), the metering graph with the clipping leds above, sidechain (see 'Int : Ext' knob), sidechain monitor, pre and post saturation (similar to the 2 stages of clipping in AM-Munition's 'expert' settings) and much much more: I downloaded the PDF manual and still other similarities are glimpsed!!!!!! Has anyone noticed this before? For me, it's the AM-Munition, apparently updated in a new version and skin!!! Almost everything is very familiar!
  7. Well... I think you are right... Anyway, I hope some old Samp's user can help you better... The best tag editing I know is TagScanner ----> https://www.xdlab.ru/en/ Deep and free.
  8. I did a reply in your question here: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=502461&p=7044888#p7044888 Anyway, this what I wrote there: "Samplitude is complete: Menu CD/DVD ---> CD Text / MP3 ID Editor (it works fine with .wav too) Also: Press Y. Go to Project Options ---> Info."
  9. I thought it was not possible to do that... God, I was blind... Anyway, it doesn't work for me... waveform and faders still linked... EDIT: the Gain knob works fine; the Volume fader doesn't work - this one is still linked to waveform.
  10. Hey, @Christine !!! Thank you very much! So I think I need to do a specific range in the object and put the cursor in the middle of the range, isn't it?
  11. I know that Sound Cloner analyzes 20 seconds of the reference audio samples and the source that will be edited. I'd like to know if it's possible to parse all the audio reference and source, not just 20 seconds. Is there a way? T-RackS "Master Match" does a very good job and it can analyze an entire music as reference.
  12. By an impartial user (Donny Thompson): https://recording.org/threads/if-youre-not-using-samplitude.57423/
  13. Man, I was already in the fifth bottle of beer, but when I saw your signature, I was sober right away!
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