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  1. With the exception of a very tiny window at the beginning of their inclusion, the iZotope plug-ins bundled with Soundforge have been locked to Soundforge.
  2. There is a VST path setting in SF. The problem is the program crashes before the setting is available for editing. The only VST hosts I have that crashed while scanning were SF10 and SF11. Others do not have problems either ignoring Independence or add it to their VST lists even though it will not run in the host.
  3. SF is the only reason I have 32bit plug-ins installed Everything else uses 64bit. I will retire the 32bit folder, if/when the SF 64bit arrives (at a reasonable price) or I stop using it
  4. I had a similar problem. Might be the 32bit Independence dll taking SF out. SF does not like scanning it. I zipped up the the MAGIX folder in my 32bit VST folder and both SF10 and 11 scan properly and start up.
  5. Hello all. Pretty slow going here. Mostly watching videos and studying the layout. Trying to understand the Samplitude way. I have made good use of SoundForge and SpectraLayers though
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