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  1. Yes me too, but I now don't have to go through the arduous process of migrating old projects from Sonar to Samplitude. Not sure if I will go back to using Sonar regularly now. I'll have to see how things go.
  2. Yea the takes don't need to be the same length. I have comped freely without looping in the same way Larry wants to and it works fine. I didn't know about the filtering. That's a useful feature. Comping in Samp is very good, but my big complaint is that there is no easy way to preview the comp with other tracks playing too. In Sonar you could use "Dim Solo" so you could hear the comp in context with the other tracks for checking timing issues or intonation problems or just to see how it fits. I'm sure the first time I comped in Samp I was able to hear the other tracks, but last time I did it I had to setup some fiddly monitoring to do it.
  3. Well, it's the CSS that seems to be weird. I am seeing your replies as bold, yet your last reply is in a < p > tag so it shouldn't be rendered as bold. I am seeing my text in the editor as bold yet bold it turned off. I see all the post links as bold even if I have read them. However, I now see a black dot next to any I haven't yet read and I don't remember seeing that black dot before. So it is registering what I have and haven't read. I am pretty sure I haven't got any accessibility settings on, but that is a good point and I do have a kitten which just loves running all over my mixing desk and computer keyboard whenever I'm not looking! Nope just checked and no accessibility enabled - other websites are fine. I guess I'll keep scratching my head over this one.
  4. Done some more testing. Tried marking site as read - seems to have no effect. The text remains bold so all posts show up as new. I logged in with Edge and everything was fine. It's as though Chrome is formatting link text and text in the post editor as bold. Any reason anyone can think of why it would do that?
  5. Thanks Terry. Yes, it is very odd. I have now deleted every single magix* cookie and local storage and still have the problem. So it can't be a cookie issue. Damn, it's making the forum virtually unusable!
  6. I was browsing the forum the other day and noticed that all threads were marked as unread. I then noticed that I had been logged out. So I logged in and still old posts were marked as unread. Furthermore, if I viewed a thread then went back to the thread lists it was still marked as unread. So I deleted all cookies for domain support2.magix.net, restarted the browser (Chrome) and logged into the forum. Same issue still. I am also noticing that the text I am typing here is displaying as bold italic and highlighting it and clicking B removes the italics and clicking I remove the bold. This is all very odd. I guess the Invision software was recently updated and something has gone wrong on the forum or with my browser as a result. Has anyone else noticed similar problems?
  7. Bob, actually I have this weird suspicion that it has already been sold. Not the Cakewalk brand, but the Sonar source code - to Microsoft. This strange hypothesis is based on the fact that Microsoft are ramping up their efforts to take on the Apple market. The creator's update was the start. It turns out MS are now developing a DAW that will be for Windows what Logic is for Mac. Recently Cakewalk and MS were working very closely together in the development of the Surface and on other stuff right up until the closure announcement. Reading between the lines, MS's DAW will be intended to push the DAW technology forward rather than just release yet another DAW, so this one sounds very ambitious. In an ad for DSP developers, they used the phrase "multidimensional audio production". It seems to me that MS's best plan would be to buy the code for an existing, established and proven DAW and build upon it. The best fit would obviously be a Windows only DAW - the porting of Sonar over to Mac was suddenly halted just before Cakewalk was closed. With Gibson being in such a financial pickle MS could have approached them with a tempting offer to shut down Cakewalk and sell MS the intellectual property for a good price. This would give MS a springboard on which to develop an advanced DAW with a bundle of VSTi's and VSTs to package with it saving them a lot of time and expense. It is anticipated that a light version will be bundled with Windows kind of Garage Band style. It will no longer be Sonar so there will be no ties to the lifetime updates, but all existing Sonar customers are already MS Windows customers so no custom is lost.
  8. Dan, while I am no fan of Gibson and even less of one after this Sonar kill off, they have done what businesses do every day and they don't owe us anything. The lifetime updates were not for your lifetime but for the lifetime of the product. We did get updates for the lifetime of the product. It's just that its lifetime wasn't as long as we hoped for. Those who paid monthly and didn't complete their year of payments have had their payments canceled and Sonar fully unlocked to them. There are no grounds for a refund. Unfortunately, everything Gibson has done is completely legitimate in the business world.
  9. \0/ Yea I think that's fairly apt too! You do realize that fish-finders use sonar?
  10. Happy new year! No music for me today. I have to go and do some more drinking in a moment.
  11. Arther Daily, we have already warned them of the impending forum riots and cake chucking
  12. Happy New Year and +1 to Kraznet!
  13. It's a feature built into the forum software that has been disabled in this forum for some reason.
  14. My desk uses the Mackie protocol and I have been very impressed with Samp's programming system. I haven't found any other DAW yet that allows so much precise programming of assignments and having spent a pretty long time crafting the settings from scratch and saving them as a preset, my desk now has far more functions than it was ever designed for with other DAWs - it was never designed for implementation with Samplitude!
  15. Hi Posercomposer, after the Sonar debacle I was planning on moving to Cubase, but there was some issue with my graphics card and the Cubase GUI in the demo - it was ridiculously slow. I ended up buying Studio One as a kind of last resort. Then the crazy Samplitude deal came along and I bought that mostly for SpectralLayers. However, after installing Samplitude and using it for a "learning project" that became a good song, I have fallen for it! It is on a par with Sonar if not better in some ways. I have hardly touched S1 because as soon as I need to do anything slightly off the beaten track with S1 I run into a wall, whereas with Samplitude I can always find a way. In other words, S1 forces you to work to its workflow, but Samplitude (like Sonar) molds its self to your workflow. I really think in hindsight, after buying Studio One, that it is an overhyped bit of software like PT has been for a long time. It's all marketing, whereas what I need is something that can actually deliver. The marketing behind Samplitude seems to be crap in comparison but it can deliver and seems to be a very underestimated piece of software. That's why I am here now.
  16. I have played around with SpecLayers and have had a lot of fun so far. It doesn't do everything that is Magix (see what I did there), but I have used it on several things for fixing what I either couldn't or wouldn't bother to do in the past. I found it really useful for cleaning an acoustic guitar part and an acoustic jazz guitar solo part from string scrapes in a pretty revolutionary way, I also managed to remove air noise from a trumpet solo, but I have also used it for some forensic type stuff and it excelled at that. While I was doing all of that I managed to isolate some really interesting sounds that I saved and so I can see what they mean about the sound design aspect too. For me, SpectralLayers was worth the investment in the deal, but I am also loving Samplitude too which I had never taken seriously in the past. I am now really glad the deal came along and that I went for it!
  17. Terry, from what I have read, Philips shed some crap that was dragging them down and Gibson sucked in the bait and bought it. They now see it as their only hope of getting them out of their death spiral. LOL RIP Gibbons!
  18. I don't think Gibson owns Philips. I think they just bought a section of their consumer audio division.
  19. I will add also that as I discovered last night with help from Kraznet, Samp is basically doing something very similar, but you can not see the underlying clips. The Ctrl + right click shows them up as takes by default which is very useful. But I don't think you can hear a previous take as you record over it.
  20. I have a feeling what the OP is talking about is indeed sound on sound but with the ability to hear the original sound as you record over the top of it. There are, I think, better ways of doing it depending on what you want to achieve. For example, just dragging a recording to a different track and playing along to it. I never really used the feature in Sonar and having sound files stuck and hidden underneath others used to annoy me. I think the answer to the OP is probably no (unless I am mistaken), but there are plenty of other and possibly better ways of doing it.
  21. I don't think he means take lanes or monitoring hence my previous reply. In Sonar you could record over existing content on a track and have that existing content remain under the new content on the same track. I'm guessing he might mean that.
  22. Perri, are you talking about layers? Like recording over content already on a track without wiping that content so the original content remains but is covered by the new content? I saw your post in the Cakewalk forum too and I am not sure anyone really knows what you mean exactly. It might help if you describe not the feature but what you aim to achieve with it.
  23. Hello, Factor and welcome aboard. As a fellow Sonar refugee, I am sure you will enjoy it here. I am. A very helpful bunch. It's a bit quiet here. Perhaps they like it that way, but it looks like there are hordes of Sonarians on their way here as we speak so I am sure things will get pretty riotous around here soon
  24. Being an ex Cakewalk customer and Sonar Platinum lifetime user and Sonar user of many years, I can tell you it's been a real wrench for a lot of Sonar users, not to mention the Cakewalk staff. There hasn't been much official info about it - just the statement. Cakewalk customers haven't even been officially informed - just a post in the forum. No email or anything. So presumably there are still many people working with Sonar every day blissfully unaware of all this! Some information has leaked out. An ex Cakewalk employee held an ask me anything session on reddit a couple of weeks ago which was quite interesting. It seems as though Gibbon became too involved, interfered with something they didn't understand and pressed all the wrong buttons. The management (gibbons) they put into Cakewalk were clueless and just upset everyone. All the support staff left because of the way they were treated. The owner/developer of Overture (scoring software), Don Williams sent a message to the Cakewalk forums offering his condolences and dropped a special deal off for us. He went on to say that he had been working with Cakewalk on a way to integrate Coverture's scoring into Sonar to replace the old, buggy score editor it had. When they approached Gibbon to get the go-ahead they were told no, on the grounds that Gibbon would have too much financial liability. They had more talks and Don Williams came up with a deal to limit Gibbon's liability. Gibbon turned that down. In the end, he felt so bad for Cakewalk he offered to provide a light version for free with an upgrade path for Soner users. Gibbon said no to that as well. Long story short: Gibbon is a useless company with a madman for a CEO and $500,000,000 worth of debt that their creditors want paid in full by August. They are likely dead, but through their incompetence, they have killed off other companies including Cakewalk and clearly don't have any concern for their customers or their staff - they sent a couple of top Gibbons to the Cakewalk offices and just told everyone to pack up their stuff, the show's over. Sonar users looking at other DAWs have been very aware of an added criterion that needs to be met when considering a replacement... How stable is the parent company? Steinberg is owned by Yamaha so seems ok. Studio One is Presonus and S1 fits well with their hardware business so seems safe. Samplitude is owned by Magix, a very successful software company that has remained independent, recently acquired Sony's pro audio/visual software and have apparently, recently taken on extra developers. I think I have made a good choice. I hope so and I am loving Samplitude!
  25. Seriously? I had no problem signing up. What are the problems people are having other than the usual confirmation email being sent to their spam bin? I've done quite a bit of admin and coding (including anti-spam systems) for forums in the past so I may be able to advise. I can't remember the set up here. The forums are public but you have to register a product to be able to post? Are people having difficulty registering to the forum or are they having difficulty posting after registering a product?
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