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  1. OK, that works. Thanks, Georg! Now, on previously edited clips where the original mono signal has been changed to stereo (2-channel mono, really), how do I change it back. Can I bounce a clip "in place," and specify "combine to mono?"
  2. After I use Melodyne to adjust pitch on a mono vocal clip, I freeze that clip (to conserve resources), and I end up with what looks like a stereo clip. It still sounds like a mono clip, and the level is the same as before, but the waveform now has left & right components. So I suppose this doesn't really matter, but I'd like to know: How do I convert this back to a regular mono clip? Also, how do I edit pitch in Melodyne without this happening?
  3. You can use Windows File Explorer to organize your VST plugins. Make folders for the various types of plugins (reverbs, compressors, etc) and put the plugin .dlls into them. If they don't show up in Samplitude you can re-scan and/or add the new folders to the scan path. It's not an ideal solution but it will help you tame the list of plugins. Somebody made a tool to help with this task, but I can't find a link to it now, and the person who made it seems not to be around these days.
  4. No such thread here that I've seen, but quite a few ex-Sonarians discussing teething problems with Samplitude. Kraznet's reply to you should make it possible for you to find your plugins. Let us know if that didn't work. Meantime, what's your first step that doesn't work for you in setting up a project? (Can't do everything at once) Kraznet's videos are great, and I have found this PDF tutorial helpful.
  5. I didn't do anything special on my project yesterday, and when I opened the Take Composer I could hear the backing tracks along with whichever vocal take I soloed. I'm not at my PC now, but I would take a look at the type of solo you have set up. When in doubt, right-click on stuff, like the "solo" button itself, or maybe there's a global setting. No way you can comp a vocal without hearing the band. NOTE: The "Dim Solo" feature in SONAR was darn handy, as in a normal mix I might sink a vocal track in a little, but for comping I want to hear it LOUD, so I'll know if I'm hitting the notes.
  6. Thanks, everybody! I've been working on it today (because who cares about the Superbowl?), and I can't say everything is perfect, but I was able to record many vocal takes both in loop/punch mode and recording "wild," and comped together one good track. There might have been some anomalies in Samplitude behavior -- or maybe there was some pilot error -- but I'm getting more comfortable with this DAW. Summarizing, takes are, in fact recorded all in one track you must select an object before opening the Take Manager it's not mandatory when comping to use only objects that are the same length Loop/punch recording works fine, but if you want to stop after each take, you can, and comping will still work Onward to background vocals!
  7. The "In/Out" markers are great. In the past I had to type in starting and ending points or create a range on the timeline. The markers work a lot better for me. That seems a weird requirement, especially with vocals. But thank you, I'll make sure I do it that way. By the way, today I opened the project that gave me trouble yesterday, and was amazed to see both my vocal takes there when I went to the Take Composer. I haven't tried any recording or comping yet, but go figure.
  8. Thank you, Acky. Are you saying I have to be in loop recording mode? I can't finish a vocal take, rewind manually, break for a minute and then record a second (or third or fourth) take? I'll try that today. Kraznet - Same question to you: Do I only get the list of takes if they were recorded in loop mode? I plan to try this again today, and I'm hoping Samplitude will allow me to stop and start recording vocal takes, rather than looping automatically. I like to do complete vocal takes of a song, and I'm usually not ready for take two immediately after finishing one take.
  9. If I intend to record a bunch of vocal takes and comp them together, is there a certain record mode I should be in when recording? I tried a couple of takes and when I opened the Take Composer I saw two "tracks," but they were the same take. Do I have to put each take on a separate track? Sorry, I've only done this in SONAR, where each track can display all the takes on that track in layers.
  10. OK, it turns out I was doing everything right, but I didn't know this one crucial bit of information: The left headphone jack on the Scarlett 6i6 is internally hardwired to the main monitor mix, or DAW 1&2. If you have a second mix coming out of DAW 3&4 you have to plug in to the other headphone jack to hear it. Once I switched jacks, all was good! Hope this helps some future MixControl user.
  11. Thanks, Terry. I gather the MOTU has better labeling than the Scarlett WRT headphone mixes. Acky - The interface that guy is using in the video has so many inputs that he can put together a headphone mix using the foldbacks from his mic inputs. I want to set up a headphone mix from the DAW. If I were a commercial studio I'd have a fancier interface, but I mostly work alone, and I can live with the (slight) roundtrip latency. The video didn't answer my question, but it did give me some ideas to try, so thank you!
  12. Is there a tutorial somewhere that shows how to set up a separate mix in Samplitude X3 for headphone monitoring? This is mainly for overdubbing vocals, and I am getting nowhere trying to find the answer on my own. I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 1st generation with Focusrite MixControl. I set up an Aux bus in Samplitude and assign it to outputs 3&4. The channel sends are prefader. In MixControl I think I am sending "DAW 3&4" to the headphone outs, but I'm hearing nothing. This is a project studio and I work alone. I've never tried this before in my previous DAW (SONAR), I have to say I have always found MixControl to be rather opaque -- I just don't get it -- but this must be something that everybody needs to do, so I know I must be missing a step somewhere. For what it's worth, MixControl has been replaced in 2nd gen products by Focusrite Control. I'm told it's easier to use, but I don't have it.
  13. Well, it worked here, and lucky it did because I couldn't find the .ini file anyway. I just dragged it into Samplitude. After a few seconds I got a popup asking me if I wanted to save the project I had open. I saved it and the program closed by itself and reopened. The error messages were more an annoyance than anything else. I saved your file, and I'll re-use it if the problem reappears. Thanks again. PS: I'm not holding my breath on a fix from Focusrite. I'm sure the engineers are sincere, but the company has already moved on from first gen Scarletts.
  14. I must admit that at this stage of my life I am no longer a professional, and I don't have a lot of money to spend on my hobby. I had an old hand-me-down Roland D-50 that I was using as a MIDI controller for many years, and when it finally gave up the ghost I had to have something (It's always easier to justify the expense when you "don't have a choice"). The Nektar is quite affordable, and the control surface was a bonus. If you want one, I can't think of any reason not to get one. Of course, if you are a real keyboard player (I'm not), you might not like the action or something like that, but for functionality it does all I hoped for.
  15. I have a Nektar LX-61+. It's a MIDI controller but it has a limited control surface built in. You can download drivers for it that are designed for your specific DAW. I got it to use with SONAR. Sadly, it does not offer control for Samplitude. I may some day have a run at customizing it for Samplitude, but I'm pretty comfortable with QWERTY keyboard control.
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