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  1. Hey AT, Good to see ya! Welcome to the new environs :-)
  2. Nice to meet you, too,Terry. It's like old home week for me here - I see my fellow refugee beagle in North Texas, and now I see you are in Elizabeth City. I grew up in Wilmington. So, I am a fellow tarheel to some degree:-) Can't wait for our next visit back. I plan to stick with SPLAT for an upcoming project, but the Samplitude learning curve starts today. It will be fun to learn a new tool.
  3. Good evening folks, I am downloading Pro X3 as I type. Looking forward to learning a new DAW, but like most, SPLAT will be my go-to for the foreseeable future. Cool to post after a fellow North Texas too! Glad to meet ya Beagle! Let's have fun!
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