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  1. ok, I see from what you write that this is probably not possible. All MIDI recording track in almost all DAW I tried , of course have this feature. . . I see this "punch in", and a lot other is talking about. Yes its a punchin feature in SONAR too, but when you have record overdub, in the same track, you can overlap, where you want, and that is, of course very conveinient in many take.-situations . Just imagine you want to dub the Powerchord, just befor the chorus, set cursor, 2 bara in front, puch record, an you hear the guitar that you already recorded . Also adding some extra leyers in backing vocal track tracks. I use it all time in vocal in guitar . NOdeen to set up an extra track, and have to deal with ever more tracks! they fill up the screeen quicky as it is . I saw that Presonus and Adobe can overdub tracks but they can not listen to original ; meaning, when you hit "rec" the track you record on mutes, but when playback , you hear both "layers" / overlapping audio .:) I must say, I am really, really shocked !!:) I thougt, obviously in 2017, that all DAW have this feature . It helps the workflow enormously : So Gunmetal, you are sure this feature si like you describe in the Magix Sequoia ? ok, tahanks for you time and help. I gusee theres a lot of migrating SONAR-folks out there asking for this now regards, I am per merakerli, from Norway .
  2. Hi I have been usingSONAR from cakewalk for almost 20 years. I am migrating, but cannot find a DAW with this feature !? .: To record a layer, or overdub on an existing audio track, with audio in it. And same time be able to listen to the previous recorded audio as I record now on top . This as a VERY handy feature, and I am very surprised that no other DAWs have this, I sthis afeature in one fo magix DAWs ?
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