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  1. Wow! 29 views and not one comment. You guys are a bunch of deadbeats here. Lol
  2. My rendition of Jim Croce's classic, "I'll Have To Say I Love You In a Song." All comments welcome. https://app.box.com/s/ji42gug3k5bs5133e3qh11tc3pk26ghu
  3. Fantastic! I was hoping Samplitude had this feature. Sonar had it too. It was called "delete hole" or something like that. Thanks Kraznet.
  4. I'm very happy that Bandlabs has revived Sonar and even more so that Noel and Ben are on board. I will gladly use it from time to time and I will continue to support it, but Samplitude is now my main DAW.
  5. That was it Kraznet. Don't know how I changed it but thanks a million!
  6. I'll check Kraznet. Thank you.
  7. Why is it that when I select one highlighted object to drag the others move with it? I need to drag only one object and not the objects that are NOT selected! Thanks
  8. I forgot that we can also download content from the link provided in our order confirmation e-mail and also from our Magix account. One of the main reasons I wanted the disks was so that if I ever have to install the Independence Library again I can do it from the disks and not have to download it again. That was painful. All is well now and many thanks for the help.
  9. Yes. Got it now. I did so many downloads my head was spinning. Thanks for chiming in.
  10. Hmmmm... I can't seem to recall if it was a separate download or not? It might be a different install with the DVD's and perhaps is included with the content?
  11. Thanks guys. Ok. One is a program disc and the other is a content disc so all is well there. I do not have a printed label on either disc with a serial number like the one in your pic Nordlead. Is the serial number on the label blackened out? I'm guessing I would use the serial number that was assigned to me from my original download? Not sure but I'll wait to see what tech support has to say. As far as Spectral Layers goes I think I should have a separate dvd but maybe not? I do have all the original download files backed up but I also wanted the DVD's as another backup source. Thanks again for your help gentleman.
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