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  1. Ditto. The most frustrating part of learning a new DAW is trying to figure out basic operations that you know should be simple, but turn into time-consuming fishing expeditions. Kraznet's tutorials are like fish-finders for fishermen. That's actually an apt analogy, because I hate fishing.
  2. Oh, everybody's so welcoming...for now. Just wait until we SONAR ex-pats get comfortable enough to start asking for features. You may come to regret that we ever moved in.
  3. I hope you're on the payroll. It's because of your videos that I am here, and the reason I was up and running on Day One. For a guru, you have a rare talent for explaining things simply to noobs like me. I am an old hand in the DAW world (Cakewalk user since 1989), but learning a new one can still be frustrating when you have to interrupt the creative process to figure out how to do something. So far, every roadblock has been quickly resolved via your YouTube collection. Just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated.
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