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  1. Have you tried lowering the buffer/latency setting on your sound card/device? That's where I would start regarding your "sluggish" comment - set as low as you can before affecting audio quality. Secondly, (I don't have Ivory) but most VSTi keyboard programs have adjustable velocity curves - experiment with those. They can make a big difference on feel. Look in the manual. Here is input from Sweetwater concerning Velocity Response in Ivory : Ivory has a deep level of velocity control that allows the you to create your own custom velocity maps. These features include the ability to choose a velocity curve, change the shape, and scale the curve using minimum and maximum velocity offsets. Ivory allows you to find the perfect marriage between your MIDI/USB controller and Ivory’s response to your touch. Here’s how you can do this: Let’s start with the default map. Before you customize any velocity maps, you should determine the range of MIDI values your controller is capable of sending. Not all controllers send the full range of MIDI velocity values (0-127). You can quickly determine this by using the “Set” button on the Ivory Velocity page. You will be prompted to play your softest and loudest notes, in succession, from your controller. This will give you a range of minimum and maximum velocity values to use with your controller. You can then use the minimum and maximum velocity controls to tweak those values from there, but the “Set” button will give you a clearer picture of what your controller is sending. Next, choose an Arc Type. Try using either the Medium or Mild Arc Type, as these are the most useful curves for most weighted action keyboard controllers. Then adjust the Hardness control. In many cases you will only want to adjust the Hardness control by a small amount. If you want to improve the smoothness of your performance playing at soft to medium velocities, you can try further adjusting the Min Velocity knob in small amounts. This is usually all that is required. Your fingers and your ears will tell you when you have it right. Once you have created a map you like, you can name and save the map with your custom settings!
  2. @TerryBritton thanks for posting this thread here! Logical and helpful to have this info in one place. A quick re-read answered my questions. I know everyone feels this way but I too think it's deceptive for Magix to promote including the FULL Indepencdence Premium Pro sampler & content without specifying it's limitations. The name alone and website copy infer you're getting the ability use it as if you purchased it on it's own.
  3. I might also add for informational purposes: I installed the 3.6 update to the alternate location where I have my Independence libraries stored (not C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Independence). However, I did copy the executable files from my library location and replaced the ones in C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\Independence. I don't think this applies to those who installed to default locations but might if you have moved or installed to an alternate hard drive location.
  4. Thanks Terry. And to be clear, are you talking about inside or outside of Samplitude or both?
  5. Okay, I forgot that I had queried Magix earlier this year about the standalone/DAW VST. Here was Magix response: Hi Wren, We can offer a 50% rebate on the Premium Suite VST version. So it would be $ 299 minus 50% = $ 149. This is a standalone VST version and also works with other DAWs. Cheers, Markus So, although we get the "Independence Pro Premium" sampler with Pro X Suite, we must pay at least another $149 to use it outside of Sam. Typical MAGIX.
  6. I have both Sam X3 & X4 Suites. I updated to Ind 3.6 without problem. 3.6 works great within Sam and all instruments are recognize. However, it seems I need to activate Independence when I try to use it standalone or within another DAW and my XSuite serial does not take.
  7. Thanks and sorry for the convoluted question. I have Sam X4 Suite so I have Independence Pro Premium and all the instruments BUT cannot open the Independence player on it's own or use it in my other DAWs. The info page and comparison charts show nothing about standalone capability nor use in other DAWs. EDIT: okay, I was wrong about using Ind in other DAWs though there was a time I had a problem with it. Opens and works great in other DAWs. However, when I open Independence (post 3.6 update), it requests activation but will not accept my X4 registration beginning with P2.
  8. I know this is discussed in another thread but not here. Just to clarify for me (and others): even though X3 & X4 Suites come with "Independence Pro Premium," one must STILL purchase a separate license to use Independence on it's own and in other DAWs? Am I correct that all I need is the "Independence Pro Standard" version for $65 - basically purchasing the engine which will use all of the instruments that came with the aforementioned X Suites?
  9. Done. Good job Phil - sounds nice!
  10. @Nordlead Great news - iZotope rocks! FYI, I had just upgraded to Music Production Suite 2.1 back in early August. Then, they released O9 & MPS 3 earlier this month. I was a little bummed about it because the upgrade price to MPS 3 is $199 at iZotope and $167 (at a third party site). I emailed support and they responded back letting me know I was just outside of the grace period but because I was a long-time customer, proceeded to offer me a FREE upgrade along with the current sale extras (Exponential Audio R4 & Nimbus and One-year pass to Groove3). So, if you haven't upgraded yet, don't hesitate to email them - it's worth a shot. The sale is still on and you can pick up the MPS 2.1->3 upgrade for $167.17 including the aforementioned extras at JRR Shop using the code group.
  11. Hmm, that does seem strange that it happens on two different computers. FWIW, I am running the ASIO driver provided with my MOTU 8M and not the Magix Low Latency one. Also, this is with the VST 2 version. For some reason Sam isn't picking up the VST 3 version on scan. Wish I could be of more help. EDIT: also loads fine in Reaper - even a bit quicker.
  12. I'm not seeing any difference between Pro X3 & X4 (388). On Master Bus, O8 & O9 loads in 2-3 seconds and maybe 1 second switching between presets. Tried it on an empty VIP as well as a 24 track project.
  13. These have probably made the rounds here but I just came across these videos over at the Vegas Pro forum - interesting to hear of the birth of Samplitude. I had both an Amiga 500 & 1000 at one time and wish I had know about Samplitude back then (I may or may not still be using it today :). Pt 1 - Visit to MAGIX AG Berlin Pt 2 Visit to MAGIX AG Berlin
  14. Hey Tim, interested in your documents for Samplitude.  New user and coming to grips with the program so any help would be great!

    While not native, we lived in TX for nearly 20 years.  Moved from Grapevine up here to SW Kansas in July of '16.  Miss TX but not the traffic haha!  Trying to get started with some studio work in the area - not much here.



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