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  1. It looks like a nice package, nice promo videos etc. That kind of resolution will be interesting to hear with a string ensemble or orchestra with nice mics.
  2. Cheers , have opened a support ticket and Apologies for not checking via a search. Oh and help was great! Got some activations!
  3. I purchased a SSD and migrated Win 10 to it, then installed ProX3 Suite etc. Twice now after a Win 10 update have lost the OS and cannot recover either by system restore or backup image. I am beginning to suspect the refurbished SSD. The only solution has been to re migrate the HDD Win 10 to the SSD and reinstall Samplitude etc. I see now I should of installed it on the HDD but so slow. Now I am told am out of registrations and cannot see a way of deactivating the older registrations.(I didnt think of this) This is all on the same PC and the same SSD. Is there a way to deactivate registrations? Say I had 2 machines and retired one for a newer machine? What is the recommended method of preserving registrations if reinstalling OS on existing computer?
  4. Yes, no doubt it is poised to take off. 360 cameras and 360 mics are really the creators tools that will get everyone onboard with the decoder headsets. Once they are the thing, decoder earbuds we got a new platform and lets hope fidelity becomes a holy grail with in it! Adaptive times ahead
  5. Hi guys, what are your thoughts on surround sound for ambisonics decoding for 3 D sound support in Win 10 and your DAW? Will ambisonic plugins (not just Waves) work in your software?Me thinks it is destined to be the future listening medium me thinks. The Music Industry have been crying out for a new medium that can be repackaged and developed with improved quality over MP3, Movie Industry too! Manufacturing begging for new devices to make.It seems Ambisonic headphones, TVs and Media PCs are set to be made if the consuming public approve of and accept nothing but, Your thoughts please?
  6. Thanks mate, hopefully there are not too many Chiefs and not enough Indians at Magix; likely cause of CW's demise. Glad you are here! Cheers
  7. Hi! I am very new here and glad you are there for us! Cheers
  8. I too are one from the great migration from the sea of Sonar to Samplitude land! Finding my Feet!
  9. Another former Sonarite on board with Sammy. Luckily for me I been working days and weekends for the past 4 years I didnt get past X3. Then when I stopped working weekends decided to get SonarPro on a Halloween Special and a week later the announcement. Support gave me a refund, very decent of them and I spent it here instead. Am having the same issue with SF and Independence
  10. Yep another Sonar refugee here! Got in just in time on a too good to pass up deal on Sammy. Sammy silver was my first DAW off a music mag but I soon went to Sonar 6,7 and eventually to X3 Have been using Reaper more and more but decided to buy SonarPro on Halloween special and before I got a chance to download it Cakewalk closed. They kindly gave me a refund. Geo and I go way back to the days of Standalone Recorders and were members of a Korg forum that Geo was a moderator of and as more and more members went onto computer recording over the years changed it's name to Studio Trax to which we are still members; now as user group StudioTrax on Facebook and it's moderator Ron has also jumped ship from Sonar to Sammy. I also recognize quite a few Cakewalk members here now too. My Sammy is d/loading and am pleased to be reunited and look foreward to learning it and thank you for what help you give in the future! Cheers Bart
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