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  1. Absolutely love it ... nice mix, song and video of an inspiring track!
  2. As recommended in the forum, I installed Pro X 4 Suite without uninstalling Pro X 3 Suite. Somehow the Independence PlugIn doesn't show up in the PlugIn Browser and in projects, created with the previous version, containing it as vsti, it is just marked as a missing PlugIn. I tried to remove, install it again with the delivered installer 3.5, adding several paths for vst(i) scanning but it cannot be found in pro x 4 (only 4). Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. The only way to solve this is to open the "semi-corrupt" project, remove any applied melodyne effects in the object editor (also check in the objects-tab the column "effects"). save the project, close it, apply a VST-PlugIn-Path rescan and then you can work with melodyne again even in the concerned project. in my case, the project is suddenly reacting a bit slower/CPU-spikey - but at least it works.
  4. Same issue here - how to fix that? I cannot do any ARA melodyne editing anymore in ANY projects. I hope re-installtion of SAM Pro X3 will help. This happend after accidently applying ARA Melodyne to all objects in a project - at least the project is working. But it is nasty to open the object editor for 200++ objects end de-select the melodyne effect. Is there an efficient way? EDIT: a re-scan of VST leads to the possibility to apply melodyne again to objects in other projects. but inside the projects it leads to the attached error.
  5. Hallo, da kann etwas nicht stimmen. Welche Windows-Version verwendest du? Hängt SAM nur beim Start-Popup oder bereits bei offenem Fenster? Wie siehts mit der Systemauslastung während dieser 6 Minuten aus?
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