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  1. How do I open the auth window? This is what I get when I open the standalone.
  2. I stopped Windows Defender and got rid of all open apps in the tray. Still didn't work, but this time I noticed a choice to activate by phone. So that I will try.
  3. When I open Inde Pro and select a sound, it will open a new window to enter the serial number and my email. By the way, I was given a P2 activation code. When I click on the tab "Register and Activate online" that's when it does nothing. I was able to create a new account on Magix Pro and register Inde Pro, Samplitude, and Spectra Layers. It is just that I can't activate Inde Pro and Spectra Layers.
  4. When I entered the purchased serial number in Inde Pro, it has no effect. It just freezes up. The same way with Spectra Layers Pro 4.0 that came with Samplitude Pro X3 Suite that I bought last week. Waiting to hear from Magix. In the meantime, I reinstalled Spectral Layers and deleted a few related files in Programdata. It didn't make any difference.
  5. Kraznet, After I read your posts on KVR, I purchased Samplitude Pro x3 Suite and installed Inde Pro, too. Then I purchased a license for Inde Pro. I can't activate Inde Pro using the code given by Magix. Now I noticed that you mentioned "a special installer." What is it exactly that I need to install? Thanks,
  6. I did contact Magix and they quoted a discounted price of $230. It was still high. I mentioned to them that last year, I bought it for around $160 but "returned" it for a refund with proof of order. It was nice of them that they would honor the price. I went ahead and bought the license. Now, I can't activate it...
  7. I can't open SpectraLayers Pro 4.0. When I click on the Register and Activate tab, it freezes up. I uninstalled and entered my email and the correct serial #. Still it doesn't work. I read someone's sugesstion and deleted some SpectralLayers related files in Programdata. It didn't work for me. I wrote to Magix a couple of days ago, and no reply yet.
  8. Does anyone know if Magix has a special crossgrade price for Independence Pro for owners of Samplitude Pro X3?
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