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  1. Evenin All,

    Another Sonar Refugee.....( different Sonar ALIAS ...of course)

    Seems I am among among a growing list of fellow ex-pats (Escapees Maybe ?)  who were understandably inspired by 'Samplitude's general 'Modus Operandum'... as it were.

    Subsequently, my new found colleagues at Samplitude , expect a sizable lift in the number of forum exchanges  :) ....always courteous of course.

    Sonar's Forum was / is still intensely dynamic.

    I must add I am enjoying the 'SAMPLITUDE' experience thus far ....(2 weeks in) esp due to the phenomenal efforts of your Mr Kraznet .

    What a pleasant / clear voice....and an obvious TRUE BELIEVER !!

    Doesn't annoy you at all as you necessarily concentrate during days of video 'REASSIGNMENT THERAPY' :)

    Sadly, unable to say as much for another ( NB: quite comparable ) DAW training presenter who .........** well I won't be so discourteous  as to identify him ( he being a True Believer in his DAW too).........but main thing........... I am on board and soaking up the info at rapid knots.

    Looking forward to a bright future as a 'SAMPLITUDIAN'.

    Cheers......................MINDER 47

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