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  1. Hi Kraznet, thanks for your great support. I will do that, and hoping that in the future the Magix support will answer my message..... you know.... Best regards Giuseppe
  2. Hi there, I just got that amazing offer of 149$, I coudn't say no, I'm new in Samplitude and I already love it, (always worked on Protools). My question is : How many times I can activate it on different machines with the same serial number? I activated first on my Mac laptop (windows7/bootcamp), just for a try. Now I want it on my main Windows machine (Windows7), can I do that? Is there a way to de-activate the laptop's one and do it on main machine? How that works? Thanks, and sorry but I really don't know much of Samplitude at present...
  3. That's it man, in that folder there are a lot of things, but not that little .cfg file (eng one), now I have the english option and is working fine. Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks for the reply. Is there any chance to screw the activation by doing the re-install?
  5. Hi Kraznet, thanks for the reply. In the menu option there's only Italian language, unfortunately. How can I add those others, I really would like to switch to English, even though I'm Italian.
  6. Hi guys, how do I change language in ProX3? I do have the Italian version installed, and have only this option, do I have to install language pack from somewhere? Please help? Regards
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