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  1. Hi guys, I've had several issues with Samplitude since purchasing Prox X3 recently which are all due to my own misunderstanding more than anything. I think the time has come to format my C drive and restart. I've been through a couple of DAWs (Sonar and Mixbus 32c) in the last two years or so and files are all over the place and there is a lot of crap in there too. I have read a couple of things on the forum I want to clarify: Samplitude must be all installed in the C drive, including Vita instruments and Independence. Is that correct? That would certainly explain a lot of my issues! I like to have core progammes in the C drive but all libraries and instruments on another SSD. Mainly for space reasons. Is it worth upgrading to a larger C drive and having all these core files, instruments and libraries in the same place? VST folders. I've got so many folders, I've tried to tidy them up and actually it has caused a nightmare. What is the best place to store VSTs (32 bit and 64 bit) for use in Samplitude? Thanks for these answers and any other tips you may have.
  2. Looks like we came in on the same boat. Demod samitude and a few others and this came out on top for me. Apologies for any basic questions we may have, ill endeavour to study the manual first!
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