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  1. Hallo ich habe beim starten von Samplitude Pro X3 Suite eine 6-minütige Wartezeit. Rechner ist HP XW4600 Core 2 Quad Q9300 2,50 GHz 8 GB mit Rme Hdsp und 3 kaskadierte Creamware/Sonic Core Karten. Wobei ich die Rme karte nachträglich instaliert habe. Kann ich die Startzeit vielleicht optimieren? Bedanke mich im Vorraus, Haba
  2. Thank you, I've got it installed. Automaticly removing the instalation files throug the instalation did the trick. It gave me about 10 gigs Regards haba
  3. yes, I think I have authorised samplitude. I was asked for the serial and installed the software...intreruptet the instalation and wasnt able to install the rest. now i can start the demo file and it plays, but I get error message ...cant load vita. Does this mean I can install samplitude on 3 computer or that I have 3 trials for instalation? I'm downloading your iso... Thanks again. Regards Haba
  4. Thank you so much Kraznet, for the verry fast help. So there will be no problem with the second registration? At the moment I habve 15 GB free on partition C. do you think its enough? Regards, haba
  5. Hello, I'm a newcomer with Samplitude, bought Samplitude Pro X3 Suite today and were surpized how big the program is. I am using window 10 and was running out of space (having only a 50 GB partition for Windows and samplitude). So I had to intrerupt the instalation to free the disk and wasnt able to start it again, it means, the registration is done and the first 2 plugins are installed, but the rest, I 've lost, I'm afraid. I finished the download...but don't know the name of the folder. How can I finish my instalation? Thank you for any reply and help, haba
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