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  1. Hallo ich habe beim starten von Samplitude Pro X3 Suite eine 6-minütige Wartezeit. Rechner ist HP XW4600 Core 2 Quad Q9300 2,50 GHz 8 GB mit  Rme Hdsp und 3 kaskadierte Creamware/Sonic Core Karten. Wobei ich die Rme karte nachträglich instaliert habe. Kann ich die Startzeit vielleicht optimieren?

    Bedanke mich im Vorraus,


  2. yes, I think I have authorised samplitude. I was asked for the serial and installed the software...intreruptet the instalation and wasnt able to install the rest. now i can start the demo file and it plays, but I get error message ...cant load vita.

    Does this mean I can install samplitude on 3 computer or that I have 3 trials for instalation?

    I'm downloading your iso...

    Thanks again. Regards Haba

  3. Hello, I'm a newcomer with Samplitude, bought Samplitude Pro X3 Suite today and were surpized how big the program is. I am using window 10 and was running out of space (having only a 50 GB partition for Windows and samplitude). So I had to intrerupt the instalation to free the disk and wasnt able to start it again, it means, the registration is done and the first 2 plugins are installed, but the rest, I 've lost, I'm afraid. I finished the download...but don't know the name of the folder. How can I finish my instalation? Thank you for any reply and help, haba

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