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  1. Did this issue ever got fixed? New user of Samplitude. I just got myself a Behringer X-touch, and I am in the process of configuring the hardware. I need a way to click on the list of elements to bring them in focus as a list, then I can right click on them to change or modify the function. For now, JAWS sees the checkboxes, and nothing else while tabbing around.
  2. I am glad I found this topic. Another reason for a visually impaired user requiring this feature is that some times, you are dealing with a VST that is inaccessible. After getting sighted help to configure settings to specific preferences, it would be nice to be able to save that configuration in a track template so that one doesn't have to keep having to get the same assistance over and over to accomplish the same task. There are some plugins where the interface is inherently inaccessible. It's not reasonable to remember in which project and which track contained the desired settings while tracking with or for a client. Reaper has the track template feature and it is an excellent one for the reason I mentioned above.
  3. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one having this issue. I purchased Samplitude last December and while in the system dialog, as I was choosing my ASIO driver, my JAWS completely stopped after the Magix driver was selected. I had to power down my computer and re-start the process. By chance, the Saffire Asio was selected and the problem went away. I have since disabled the driver in the registry using the tweak that was mentioned on the VIP list.
  4. This is very unfortunate. I have tested the same behavior with a Behringer X-touch. The issue is that because Surface Reader uses virtual midi cables between the control surface hardware and the application to then get the screen reader to read these messages as intercepted, by not being able to disable the midi ports in both the midi setting dialog and in the hardware dialog,The midi connection creates a midi loop. So, the result is that you get control surface faders moving involuntarily because they are receiving unwanted midi messages from the loop. This looks like a bug in the software. Magix can fix this though by allowing the user to select a checkbox to say that if midi ports are disabled in the midi dialog box, they should also be disabled in the hardware dialog box. Again, it is very unfortunate and a big negative not being able to use surface reader.
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