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  1. I came from SONAR as well but later than you did. Looking at the date of your post, I'm wondering if the servers were slammed from sales / crossgrade offers? Did you try recently, and what was the result? Although I had a hiccup registering, I had no issue downloading.
  2. I was hiding in steerage but I was on the same boat. I've also tried Mixcraft, but the display of only one MIDI track led me to explore further and I'm here now.
  3. SOLVED. For no reason I can think of, this time the activation screen worked. I'm also coming over from SONAR. I appreciate that the special Pro Suite price was extended until today and I purchased it after liking the trial version. What is the procedure to get a P3 serial number when purchasing through the crossgrade SONAR offer? My purchase info gave only a P2 number. I assume as it is a weekend I will hear from Magix tomorrow. Thank you if you can advise in the meantime.
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